Training Apples' Training Threads 2018/19

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May 27, 2008
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Training Report: Monday April 29
It was a ghost town at Olympic Park when I arrived just before ten this morning. My first training appearance in 8 weeks (doctor’s orders) and it looked to be a waste of time. Stayed in the cafe, read a bit, had a coffee and at 10:20 there was movement with trainers setting up equipment. Josh Thomas, James Aish and Matty Sharenberg we’re first out followed by Anton Tohill. Glad I stayed. I should add, that this was the quietest session I've ever attended. There were more media people than supporters and even the Lady Gatekeepers were missing. I counted 8 supporters and 2 dogs in attendance.

Not sighted: Beams, Cox, Treloar, Sier, Quaynor, Bosenavulagi, Keene, Appleby, Reid,
Limited Training: Mayne, T Brown, Sharenberg, Murphy,
Sighted but not training: Wells, Crocker.
Wells walked 2 or 3 laps and then went inside. Crocker arrived with two physiotherapists (I think) at 11:50. They watched as he walked 20 metres or so and then spoke to him about his walking mechanics. Well, I'm totally guessing this, but they did watch his walking gait and then reported to him.

Elliott and Aish moved freely and did all of the drills. I suppose the takeaway today would be; a light session with emphasis on foot skills. After various warm ups, the players were broken up into groups with supervising trainers.

Over in front of the Glasshouse, Grundy and the centreline players practised clearances. Grundy tapped the ball from a ball up to two players who in turn were shadowed by two others. The extractor then had to wheel and deliver the ball to a waiting trainer some 40 m away.

The most interesting drill was the 'accuracy triangle'. At first three players were stationed about 30 metres apart in a triangle formation. Each player stood inside a small triangle designated by small witches hats. They then had to kick to another player and try to get it to that player accurately and without him moving outside the triangle.

This turned out to be the warm up. After a few rounds of this drill, Bucks came over and joined in. Now a designated player stood in the centre of a 30mx30m diamond. A coach threw the ball and the designated player had to turn and kick the ball to one of the four waiting players.

I have never seen this drill before. Each player had 10 kicks. Here are the results. I scored each player who kicked accurately; that is, the waiting player did not need to move.
Round 1 (10 kicks)
Sidebottom 50%
Adams 40%
Roughead 90%
Sharenberg 73%
Phillips 45%

Round 2 (5 kicks only)
Sidebottom 100%
Adams 100%
Roughead 90%
Phillips 70%

At about 11:15 the VFL players left the field and the senior list did 30 minutes or so of goal shooting at the Yarra end.
I'd say from what I saw today, Elliott and Aish are completely recovered.
Mayne is a few weeks away still.
Wells is being tightly managed, but will not be considered for senior selection if today was anything to go by.
Neither will T Brown, Wills, Daicos, Appleby or Sier.
There were no mishaps.
With the kicking drill were the kicking and receiving players more or less static?


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Aug 26, 2009
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With the kicking drill were the kicking and receiving players more or less static?
The designated kicker was given the ball and had to turn immediately and deliver to the target. Roughead was the most consistent. Wednesday's training will be interesting I think. If there is match simulation, you'd reckon there'd be emphasis on contested ball and clearance work.

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Aug 20, 2009
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:) Yep, poorly expressed 76WS. Diagnosed with shingles about 8 weeks ago. Didn't realise how debilitating it was. Spent the afternoon back in bad to pay for my outing though.
I've heard you were still walking better than The Croc, who needed some remedial walking work.
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