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Does the FFA or national team coaches have any say in where these guys go? Surely it's the players decision?
obvs in the end its the players decision, however national coaches advise at times on moves. in anges case he pretty much said players needed to be playing in the best leagues not chasing money. Arnold the other day said of rogic moving to qatar as long as he is happy this effectively says as long as the players are happy with their money hes happy for them to go. yet what quality are they going to be up against. its a joke. long gone are the days where players fought it out in europe. years ago tomi juric had a huge chinese offer but he turned it down because he wanted to try in europe. unfortunately it didnt work our however thats the attitude we need for the national team. the only benefit of players playing in sh*t leages like chine and qatar is the fact that its less travel time for socceroos games


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Does the FFA or national team coaches have any say in where these guys go? Surely it's the players decision?
For years I've said that, ultimately, if the Socceroos and our underage teams are a big enough carat then you can use selection to influence player moves. (Which things like regular World Cup qualification, Asian Cups and South American invitations will achieve.)

You make a song and dance of the need to either play at a level justifying being overseas, or you play in the A-League.

- EPL/Championship
- La Liga
- Serie A
- Bundesliga (maybe Bundesliga 2)
- Ligue 1
- Eredivisie

And then maybe you can toss up Belgium, Portugal, Scotland, Japan, Korea. (You could make it even simpler and just go off the FIFA and AFC league rankings - say, you have to sign for a team in the top 10 FIFA leagues or one of the top 3 AFC leagues at the time of signing.)

If you don't play in one of those leagues, or in the A-League, you don't get selected for national teams. Rugby Union does this in a round about way (although in their case it's more an anachronism than anything.)

It'd benefit us in 2 ways - players would have to look for a higher level of football before leaving Australia and we wouldn't lose so many good young players to tinpot leagues, and players who can't get jobs in those leagues coming home would improve the state of the A-League out of site because it would become a much higher standard.

The drawbacks are that you'd lose some player in the short term while achieving that long term benefit; and I can see a situation where it's counter productive with the very guys we're talking about. Do we encourage Mooy or Rogic to stay in England or Scotland to sit on the bench? Because if the answer to that is "no, but in that situation they should come play in the A-League", then we need to find a LOT more money to inject into the game.

And it feels like we've never been further away from being able to achieve this.


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Aug 13, 2020
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Riley McGree in one of the weirder moves; bought by a new MLS team and loaned out immediately to Birmingham City.

great competition to be in at 21 and a strong club to be at. but weird way of doing it.


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Sep 17, 2011
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Cam Peupion 5G and 1A in his last 4 games for Brighton juniors. And people were saying leaving Sydney FC was a terrible decision

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Jul 5, 2011
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Ange linked to Celtics don't know about this, Scottish football isn't renowned for its patients especially the Glasgow clubs.


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May 23, 2001
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Arzani come on as a sub for Lommel after 63 minutes. Sent off within 25 minutes for two bookable offenses.

Hasn’t had a goal or assist yet for them. Such a disappointment after what he showed at Melbourne City and the 2018 World Cup. Might have to come back home and try and rebuild his career.

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