Avalon Airshow 2023

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It’s been a long 4yrs for aviation enthusiasts but the Avalon (Australian International) Airshow has returned. Fantastic to see yesterday was sold out.
Friday night was reportedly amazing but I’m here for the Sunday show.

Should be a great day!

I’ll post a serious of tips throughout the day which should be a good reference starting point for 2025.

Tip 1:- take public transport. From Melbourne Southern Cross, take the train to Lara and pick up the Airshow shuttle bus from there (prebook your V/line ticket which includes Melb metro travel and the shuttle bus).


Tip 2: Take an extra battery for your phone.


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A mate of mine has been dumping photos on his Facebook feed all day. I find it fairly boring. I don't mind flying if I need to go somewhere but not really into planes otherwise.

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We came home from down past Geelong one year and got caught in traffic on the princess as it was the sunday of the airshow.

Was awesome though, had all sorts of helicopters and planes flying overhead while we were held up for 30mins or so

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Being an ardent aviation enthusiast, I would love to check this out. It's a pity I haven't discovered anything similar in Tasmania, but I have two years to perfect my aircraft photography skills before the next one.
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Avalon Airshow 2023

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