Best All Australian team in the last 20 years?

Which is the best All-Australian side?

  • 2008 All Australian team

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  • 2015 All Australian team

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  • 2018 All Australian team

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  • 2019 All Australian team

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  • 2020 All Australian team

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  • 2021 All Australian team

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Feb 28, 2007
AFL Club
Fairly simple question but of the last 20 All Australian sides, each side is an amazing team, but which team is the best?

2004 All-Australian team
B: Leo Barry, Matthew Scarlett, Chris Johnson
HB: Austinn Jones, Chad Cornes, Adam McPhee
C: Chris Judd, Simon Black, Nigel Lappin
HF: Jason Akermanis, Warren Tredrea (vc), Nick Riewoldt
F: Barry Hall, Fraser Gehrig, Luke Power
Foll: Jeff White, Mark Ricciuto (c), Scott West
Int: James Clement, Chad Fletcher, Brett Kirk, Matthew Lappin

2005 All-Australian team
B: David Wirrpanda, Ben Rutten, James Clement
HB: Joel Bowden, Trent Croad, Luke Hodge
C: Nick Dal Santo, Scott West, Lenny Hayes
HF: Mark Ricciuto (c), Matthew Pavlich, Shannon Grant
F: Brad Johnson, Barry Hall, Peter Everitt
Foll: Dean Cox, Luke Ball, Ben Cousins (vc)
Int: Leo Barry, Kane Cornes, Simon Goodwin, Brent Harvey

2006 All-Australian team
B: Nathan Bassett, Darren Glass, Lindsay Gilbee
HB: Craig Bolton, Joel Bowden, Andrew McLeod
C: Simon Goodwin Scott West, Adam Goodes
HF: Alan Didak, Barry Hall (vc), Ryan O'Keefe
F: Brad Johnson (c), Brendan Fevola, Nick Riewoldt
Foll: Brendon Lade, Chris Judd, Ben Cousins
Int: Shaun Burgoyne, Dean Cox, James McDonald, Matthew Pavlich

2007 All Australian team
B: Matthew Scarlett, Darren Glass, Darren Milburn
HB: Andrew McLeod (c), Matthew Egan, Campbell Brown
C: Kane Cornes, Jimmy Bartel, Chad Cornes
HF: Steve Johnson, Jonathan Brown (vc), Brent Harvey
F: Brad Johnson, Matthew Pavlich, Cameron Mooney
Foll: Dean Cox, Daniel Kerr, Gary Ablett, Jr
Int: Joel Corey, Dustin Fletcher, Brendon Lade, Cameron Ling

2008 All Australian team
B: Dale Morris, Matthew Scarlett, Tom Harley (vc)
HB: Luke Hodge, Nathan Bock, Samuel Fisher
C: Jimmy Bartel, Joel Corey, Adam Cooney
HF: Steve Johnson, Nick Riewoldt, Brent Harvey
F: Brendan Fevola, Lance Franklin, Paul Medhurst
Foll: Dean Cox, Chris Judd (c), Gary Ablett, Jr.
Int: Corey Enright, Matthew Pavlich, Matthew Richardson, Aaron Sandilands

2009 All-Australian team
B: Corey Enright, Matthew Scarlett, Brian Lake
HB: Simon Goodwin, Craig Bolton, Nick Maxwell
C: Leigh Montagna, Lenny Hayes, Joel Selwood
HF: Paul Chapman, Nick Riewoldt (c), Dane Swan
F: Leon Davis, Brendan Fevola, Jonathan Brown
Foll: Aaron Sandilands, Chris Judd (vc), Gary Ablett, Jr.
Int: Matthew Boyd, Nick Dal Santo, Brendon Goddard, Adam Goodes

2010 All-Australian team
B: James Frawley, Brian Lake, Corey Enright
HB: Brendon Goddard, Harry Taylor, Harry O'Brien
C: Leigh Montagna, Luke Hodge (c), Joel Selwood
HF: Alan Didak, Lance Franklin, Paul Chapman
F: Barry Hall, Jack Riewoldt, Mark LeCras
Foll: Aaron Sandilands, Dane Swan, Gary Ablett, Jr. (vc)
Int: Mark Jamar, Steve Johnson, Chris Judd, Scott Pendlebury

2011 All-Australian team
B: Matthew Scarlett, Darren Glass, Corey Enright
HB: Robert Murphy, Ben Reid, Leon Davis
C: Dale Thomas, Sam Mitchell, Scott Pendlebury
HF: Marc Murphy, Travis Cloke, Dane Swan
F: Stephen Milne, Lance Franklin, Adam Goodes
Foll: Dean Cox, Chris Judd (vc), Gary Ablett, Jr. (c)
Int: Matthew Boyd, Nick Dal Santo, James Kelly, Drew Petrie

2012 All-Australian team
B: Sean Dempster, Luke McPharlin, Darren Glass (c)
HB: Beau Waters, Ted Richards, Grant Birchall
C: Trent Cotchin, Jobe Watson, Dayne Beams
HF: Patrick Dangerfield, Lance Franklin, Cyril Rioli
F: Stephen Milne, Tom Hawkins, Dean Cox
Foll: Nic Naitanui, Scott Thompson, Gary Ablett, Jr. (vc)
Int: Brett Deledio, Josh Kennedy, Scott Pendlebury, Dane Swan

2013 All-Australian team
B: Corey Enright, Scott Thompson, Michael Johnson
HB: Jarrad McVeigh, Harry Taylor, Sam Mitchell
C: Ryan Griffen, Joel Selwood (c), Scott Pendlebury
HF: Patrick Dangerfield, Travis Cloke, Kieren Jack
F: Jarryd Roughead, Jeremy Cameron, Chad Wingard
Foll: Will Minson, Dane Swan, Gary Ablett, Jr. (vc)
Int: Travis Boak, Daniel Hannebery, Jobe Watson, Andrew Mackie

2014 All-Australian team
B: Cale Hooker, Daniel Talia, Nick Smith
HB: Nick Malceski, Alex Rance, Brodie Smith
C: Nathan Fyfe, Josh Kennedy, Dyson Heppell
HF: Robbie Gray, Nick Riewoldt (vc), Luke Breust
F: Hayden Ballantyne, Lance Franklin, Jarryd Roughead
Foll: Aaron Sandilands, Joel Selwood (c), Gary Ablett, Jr.
Int: Jordan Lewis, Scott Pendlebury, Travis Boak, Tom Rockliff

2015 All-Australian team
B: Josh Gibson, Alex Rance, Heath Shaw
HB: Easton Wood, Michael Hurley, Robert Murphy (c)
C: Daniel Hannebery, Matt Priddis, Andrew Gaff
HF: Chad Wingard, Jack Riewoldt, Cyril Rioli
F: Eddie Betts, Josh Kennedy (vc), Jake Stringer
Foll: Todd Goldstein, Nathan Fyfe, Patrick Dangerfield
Int: Brett Deledio, Robbie Gray, Sam Mitchell, David Mundy

2016 All-Australian team
B: Dane Rampe, Alex Rance, Jeremy McGovern
HB: Heath Shaw, Daniel Talia, Corey Enright
C: Dan Hannebery, Josh Kennedy, Rory Sloane (vc)
HF: Toby Greene, Lance Franklin, Cyril Rioli
F: Eddie Betts, Josh Kennedy, Tom Lynch
Foll: Max Gawn, Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood (c)
Int: Marcus Bontempelli, Luke Parker, Dustin Martin, Matthew Boyd

2017 All-Australian team
B: Michael Hibberd, Alex Rance (c), Jeremy McGovern
HB: Rory Laird, Michael Hurley, Sam Docherty
C: Josh Kelly, Dustin Martin, Zach Merrett
HF: Robbie Gray, Lance Franklin, Dayne Zorko
F: Joe Daniher, Josh Kennedy (vc), Eddie Betts
Foll: Paddy Ryder, Patrick Dangerfield, Tom Mitchell
Int: Matt Crouch, Elliot Yeo, Joel Selwood, Dylan Shiel

2018 All-Australian team
B: Tom Stewart, Alex Rance, Rory Laird
HB: Shannon Hurn, Jeremy McGovern, Lachie Whitfield
C: Andrew Gaff, Dustin Martin, Steele Sidebottom
HF: Patrick Dangerfield (vc), Lance Franklin (c), Robbie Gray
F: Jack Gunston, Jack Riewoldt, Luke Breust
Foll: Max Gawn, Patrick Cripps, Tom Mitchell
Int: Brodie Grundy, Clayton Oliver, Shaun Higgins, Shane Edwards

2019 All-Australian team
B: Tom Stewart, Harris Andrews, Dylan Grimes
HB: Bachar Houli, Jeremy McGovern, Shannon Hurn (vc)
C: Marcus Bontempelli, Patrick Cripps, Tim Kelly
HF: Patrick Dangerfield, Jeremy Cameron, Michael Walters
F: Jack Darling, Tom Hawkins, Charlie Cameron
Foll: Brodie Grundy, Nat Fyfe (c), Lachie Neale
Int: Scott Pendlebury, Elliot Yeo, Max Gawn, Jack Macrae

2020 All-Australian team
B: Brad Sheppard, Harris Andrews, Luke Ryan
HB: Nick Haynes, Darcy Moore, Darcy Byrne-Jones
C: Jack Macrae, Travis Boak (vc), Cameron Guthrie
HF: Patrick Dangerfield (c), Charlie Dixon, Marcus Bontempelli
F: Liam Ryan, Tom Hawkins, Dustin Martin (Rich)
Foll: Nic Naitanui, Christian Petracca, Lachie Neale
Int: Jack Steele, Taylor Adams, Caleb Daniel, Max Gawn (Melb)

2021 All-Australian team
B: Jake Lever, Steven May, Tom Stewart
HB: Daniel Rich, Aliir Aliir, Bailey Dale
C: Zach Merrett, Ollie Wines, Sam Walsh (Carl)
HF: Marcus Bontempelli (vc), Tom Hawkins, Christian Petracca
F: Toby Greene, Harry McKay, Tom Papley
Foll: Max Gawn (c), Jack Macrae, Clayton Oliver
Int: Darcy Parish, Nic Naitanui, Touk Miller Jack Steele

2022 All-Australian team
B: Tom Stewart, Steven May, Brayden Maynard
HB: Jack Sinclair, Sam Taylor, Adam Saad
C: Touk Miller, Clayton Oliver, Callum Mills
HF: Christian Petracca, Jeremy Cameron, Shai Bolton
F: Charlie Curnow, Tom Hawkins (c), Tyson Stengle
Foll: Max Gawn, Patrick Cripps (vc), Lachie Neale
Int: Mark Blicavs, Andrew Brayshaw, Isaac Heeney, Connor Rozee

2023 All-Australian team
B: James Sicily, Callum Wilkie, Tom Stewart
HB: Jack Sinclair, Darcy Moore, Dan Houston
C: Errol Gulden, Marcus Bontempelli (vc), Josh Daicos
HF: Connor Rozee, Taylor Walker, Christian Petracca
F: Charlie Cameron, Charlie Curnow, Toby Greene (c)
Foll: Tim English, Zak Butters, Nick Daicos
Int: Jordan Dawson, Nick Larkey, Zach Merrett, Caleb Serong

I have given everyone the ability to vote 3 times in this poll, and I am really curious about what the answers will be.

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2009, but replace Leon Davis and Nick Maxwell with good footballers.
2007 is a weird one as I feel like it is just missing that top top quality midfielders as yes Ablett was there but in 2007 he was not the player he would become, and the forward line, while very good, is not scary good like a couple of the other AA teams.
2007 would be improved by removing Egan and having just two key backs, then adding the prolific rebounding Peter Burgoyne (excellent in that role that season).

Then it would probably be better balanced to swap Mooney for Chapman as another genuine forward/mid (22 disposals and 2.3 goals/assists a game). 4 excellent smalls/mediums alongside Brown in arguably his best year and then Pavlich would be a pretty potent forward line.

Goodes or Judd were still good enough that year to come in for Fletcher.

Make those changes and it's up there with many of the Cats players best ever seasons.
2018 feels like it is a little weak in the midfield though, at least compared to other AA teams.

Yes, but the backline and forward lines are supreme. Both at least top 2 compared to the rest. It also has the best ruck combo the game as seen really with prime Gawn and Grundy.

I would say 2008 comes second.