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And here comes pantskyle who won't hear a bad word said about his beloved BR genre.
Yes I do love BR but the comment by the reviewer has been taken out of context.

I did.
This is the first part that I thought was terrible.
I love the story in Borderlands. The looting and fun gameplay as great, but more is exactly what I want from Borderlands 3.

This is the next stupid thing that catches my eye.
It's a trailer. For a game who's big focus and draw is guns and using those guns to shoot things, it's not going to delve into intrinsic character traits in a release trailer. Dude even acknowledges this in the same paragraph.

He says he would have liked a BR mode because "what else is there". That's an incredibly dumb and short sighted thing to say from a release trailer, and damnit, it deserves derision and you will not rob me of that.
The whole idea that there has to be new things for it to be good is dumb. I just want more.
Again you haven't taken it in the correct context.

But after this lackluster trailer, I’d welcome news about a battle royale mode, because what else is there?
The BR comment is entirely based on the reviewer believing the trailer wasn't great and at least if they had announced a BR mode they would have added something new, it's not the reviewer requesting a BR mode or even lamenting the fact it doesn't have one.

At the end of the day I have no issues with the trailer, it's more of what I like but the reviewer isn't wrong by saying it isn't anything new on Bordlerlands 2, and 6+ years later you'd think something may have changed, everything does look the same.

Feel free to write your own review.

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Jun 22, 2011
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Yeah I still don't understand the Epic Store stuff. Is it a PC reference - as in that's the only place you'll be able to purchase it from if you want it on PC?
Yeah, you will only be able to purchase the game on PC through the Epic store. Limiting its availability to only people who have the internet on their computers!


Jun 25, 2011
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Yeah I still don't understand the Epic Store stuff. Is it a PC reference - as in that's the only place you'll be able to purchase it from if you want it on PC?
That's correct. Ubisoft and EA had already been doing this with their own PC delivery systems (launchers) for their own games, Uplay and Origin respectively, but the central place to get your PC games has always been Steam. A new player, Epic (who created the Unreal engine as well as Fortnite) have decided they want to get in on the digital PC store front market. To get people to begin using their platform they have been buying exclusive rights to AAA releases as well as offer a greater revenue share to the publisher/developer than what Valve do with Steam. This isn't sitting well with lots of PC gamers for various reasons. Some are justified, others are just getting outraged for the sake of it. As much as I'd prefer all my games in one place, it is what it is. At least I still get to play it.

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