Changes v Bombers

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 10, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Need structure down back with another tall so that Jones and Khamis aren't having to plug every single hole. We'll come up against sides like Port who play with 4 tall forwards so we need to bite the bullet and bring O'donnell in.

Bailey Williams got a bit of the ball but I thought he was soft on occasion and regularly caught ball-gazing in no-mans land.

Daniel is NQR. Maybe the game didn't suit him but I'm not sure how long you can keep a player like that in the side. It appears the game has gone past him which is sad.

OUT: Williams, Daniel
IN: Garcia, O'Donnell

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Daniel, Bramble, Duryea

O'Donnell, Harmes, Garcia

We need Harmes back in this side, just to offer some mongrel and he probably sticks a tackle better than most.

Why doesn't macrae become part of the half back rotation, if we are happy to play Duryea and Daniel (both of whom are treacle slow), we may as well play 190cm macrae who can offer more size and decent ball distribution.

Garcia as sub. He's got some campaigner in him too which we need.
Out: Dale, Daniel, Vandemeer
In: JOD, Garcia, Clarke

Give Charlie a debut in prime time.
I’m a huge Clarke fan but I wouldn’t be dropping any small fwds yet. All played pretty well. We have to many of our supporters quick to turn.
Personally I’d bring Garcia in for Daniel.
I also think we need another tall down back. I’d bring Keath. He is in very good for and moving very well. JOD isn’t automatic for me.
Just remember guys the cats are a brilliant team had a down season last year.
Take that Stengel mark review away and result could have been different. Solid performance. It’s not a time to make wholesale changes.

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Think O’Donnell needs to com back in. With Jones, JOD, Buku, Richards and then three smalls is a solid defensive group unit. Not sure who of the small defenders should miss out, Dale has probably been the worst performed of the season but offers so much at his best. Bramble didn’t have a good one tonight but his first three games were really solid and it would be a little harsh if he is the one dropped.

Daniel out and Macrae into the 22 seems an obvious one. Don’t love how Daniel has been treated this season but it was a really poor performance tonight.

Would like to see Charlie Clarke get some games soon but hard to push for a call up with no VFL game this weekend. Garcia obviously had a great start to the VFL season but not sure where he fits. Not overly keen on seeing Harmes come in unless as the sub. Think inside midfield is the only place he has looked AFL standard in his career and while Bont, Treloar, Liberatore and Macrae are fit I don’t think there is a spot for him. Great ready made replacement if any of those guys are injured but I’ve seen enough of him at Melbourne at half forward to not be excited about playing the half forward/wing role.
In the VFL and on the wing not forward

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Don't like this idea at all lachy, Dale is too good for the vfl. the main reason he is being less effective is opposition teams put so much time and effort into stopping him now.

I'd try him on a wing or half forward for a bit. Particularly now Duryea is back in form.
So far there have been calls for Daniel, Dale, Macrae and Williams to be dropped. These players are all contracted until 2027 with the exception of Daniel who is 2026. That's concerning.

I'd be surprised if any more than one of them gets dropped because it would be such a poor look and would start a season-long narrative questioning how we are managing our list. We don't need that playing out in public, even if it's a legitimate question.

It might be a good time to try Garcia instead of Daniel and bring in JOD in place of Vandermeer (or Gallagher if he's feeling the pinch, but I've liked Gallagher's season so far).
Out : VanderTurnover, Dale
In : Garcia, Bedendo

Or the MC keep playing favourites, and expect a different result....
Bevo mentioned our small forwards playing well, including VDM, so he isn’t getting dropped. Which is a joke given his turnovers and the fact he can’t kick a goal from 15 metres out.

Time to drop Dale. He can’t defend and seemingly can’t kick anymore either.
Out: English Dale Daniel Williams

In: Lobb Freijah Garcia Harmes

They have no 2MP nor any realy KPF to worry about JOD this week, Sick to death of English and his putrid efforts, Dale/Daniel/Williams have all gone backwards over the last 2 years and need to be replaced
Daniel was a liability last night

Baker and Williams very quiet.

We played the same game I’ve watched for the last 20 years v Geel. Get behind by 20 and just can’t bridge the gap

Need to inject more youth into this side cos as someone said a few boys look cooked. Take confidence in Dureya turning it around though

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