Preview Changes vs North Melbourne

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May 22, 2018
AFL Club
looks like it will be Milkshakes
I'm really surprised by this,especially with Jones, McDonald etc. Thought would have been one of those 2. But I guess the writing is on the wall with those 2.

Petracca probably not ready yet, I reckon he's got leadership. Lever as well probably needs to just focus on the pill.

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May 7, 2012
Over There
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You just say fu** that mate, somebody needs to belt the guys for doing that sort of sh*t to an injured player .

Weak as piss by our players, don't care if the coach said not to, if that was my captain and teammate I'd gladly cop a 10 weeker just to send a message that we aren't going to put up with that sh*t any longer.
Absolutely some of our guys should've come across with some push and shove and protection etc But no AFL player would willingly get a massive suspension. Unless maybe it's their last match ala Lynch

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