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with the NAB league coming up in the next month or 2 the players to look out for imo are, im sure a few more names will pop up as players to consider also some will drop off ect.

Oakleigh 10 - Phillips, Ugle-Hagan, McInnes, Laurie, Macrae, Jenkins, Elliot, Stone, Varagiannis, Tucker
Sandringham 6 - Perkins, Bowey, Hipwell, Lord, Riley, Rosman
Murray 6 - Hollands, Byrne, Panuccio, Maher, Bendendo, Baxter
Geelong 9 - Bruhn, Henry, Lazzaro, Gadsby, Gribble*(inj), Walsh, Bove, Fleeton, Brauer
Tasmania 5 - Davis, Collins, Callow, Chugg, Walker
Western 3 - Ford, Cousins, Cootee
Bendigo 6 - Ginnivan, Evans, Smith, Treacy, Conforti, Mitchell
Eastern 4 - Downie, Clarke, Parker, Keeling
North 8 - Cox, L.McMahon, Barbera, MacPherson, T.McMahon, Ramshaw, Watson, Major
Gipps 4 - Berry, Bourke, Angwin, Reid
Dand 5 - Gay, Bravo, Howe, Smith, Neal
GWV 3 - Stevens, Sharp, Tillig
Calder 5 - Edwardes, Cardillo, Brand, Lakey, Eyre

ok so from this list i would predict that Oakleigh will win the u18 GF, with Geelong, Northern and Sandringham (which are most likely to have private school players pop up to help them finish top 4), i think earlier i had Tasmania, but im unsure if their top 4-5 are good enough to carry their depth problems they usually have as a squad?.
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