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Aug 16, 2009
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And doesn't it look bright! Aside from a couple of rusty fumbles and the odd fade from Hughes (not a fan personally) we seem to be without spud/cloggers for the first time in forever.

Wally Walpamur

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Sep 23, 2016
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Chelsea, Boston Celtics
The 6-6-6 rule has made a big difference IMO. Mids have an extra 2 seconds/5m of space, which, if you have the ball and momentum going forward, gives the clearance players that little bit more time to take possession and get it in 50 without the opposition player that would normally be on the back of the square. I’ve also noticed the wingers aren’t charging in, they’re keeping the width and my take it’s that so if you do win the clearance, there’s a player out wide who will have a bit more distance on his opponent. With the extra space out wide, forwards can stream/lead out there, opening up the forward line and giving the deep lying forward(s) more space to work.

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