Game Day Game Day: NMFC v Freo, Marvel Stadium, 1:45pm

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Remember we beat this side at home last year.
With all of our picks and supposed bright future, same time this year we’ve given up a 5 goal lead to lose by probably 5 or 6.

A 10 goal turnaround.

Yeah, really going places.
The 2nd half we've been bombing it long playing into Freo's style.
The Noble plan …….
Between the ears…..
Now game over…..
It’s a feeling of oddness no doubt l’ll mull over it and thump,a few things..
There’s things l like…but there are things l don’t
Umps ordinary but we have done no favours to ourselves.
One simply doesn’t switch off….but geez some of our senior lads have taken up ghosting.
Mad, upset confused…all of the above….it could have been…..
Breath and walk away…
Need some time for this to sink in……
Not open for further replies.

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