Game Day Game Day: NMFC v Freo, Marvel Stadium, 1:45pm

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How many more years of this s**t do we need to go through? It’s beyond a joke how long we’ve been s**t.

Upcoming games against Carlton, Brisbane and Geelong. This was our chance.

Sadly I don’t see a change in the next few years, we need to get backline and we need games into the younger guys.
When they went slow we didn't adapt and handed control of the game over. Still more positives to take away. We're still a bit off it but playing a better style of footy.

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Put a line through Dylan Stephens.

102 minutes on the ground for 8 disposals of nothingness. * off with half a dozen others...

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Stephens was utterly useless. It's a harsh assessment but I didn't notice him at all. Even Lmac got in the game a bit.
We had a go ,we have a plan you can see it. We move it quick to compensate for our small forward line but you need a lot of energy so it’s draining. Freo played the same last week slow starters fast finishers as they are a more mature side.
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