General music chat not warranting its own thread thread.


Apr 29, 2014
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James Bay, bloody hell he's good.

Did anybody catch his shows in the last week or so when he was here?
Took the girlfriend to see him in Adelaide, she loved it. I also quite enjoyed it myself. He certainly has some talent, wish him all the best in his career.

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Hollow Knight

Imperfect vessel
May 3, 2005
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Brisbane Lions
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Scuderia Ferrari, Dallas Cowboys
Various tweets emerging now that he has been found alive and is en-route back to Brisbane. I desperately hope they are accurate. He's a great guy and a super talented writer.

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BigFooty Legend
Oct 2, 2007
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Everton FC, Williamstown FC.
So I get an email saying Randy Hansen is touring. He does a Hendrix show, has been for decades and does it very well. I was going to grab a ticket and they're $80...:drunk:


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 28, 2008
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West Coast
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Just had one of those blasts from the past. Tina Cousin's millennial charters Pray and Forever had utterly vanished from my memory. Came across Pray on rage last night, then looked up Forever which on name alone meant nothing to me, and it all came flooding back to me. Was probably meh about these songs at the time (and for the most part still am), but my god, nothing beats hearing a song again that you had completely forgotten about and haven't heard in many years. Even those songs that were on the periphery and didn't mean a hell of a lot to you at the time. Brings back the memories.

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