Opinion Ideal lineup when Naitanui returns

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 26, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
I’ve seen a bit of chat on potential lineups and team balance for when NN returns after the bye so thought it would be thread worthy. Mods can merge if it isn’t worth its own thread.

I think Hickey and NN would be ideal with unfortunately no Oscar. Hickey would take majority of the knocks and NN as a burst player

Hurn Schoey/Barrass Shep
Duggan Gov Jetta
Gaff Sheed Masten
Petruccelle Darling Rioli
Cripps Kennedy Ryan

Hickey, Yeo, Shuey

Naitanui, Cole, Redden, Hutchings

E: Venables, Rotham, Vardy, Allen


Aug 11, 2011
Gone Hubbin'
AFL Club
West Coast
The question is basically what’s our best 22, sans Barrass.

FB: Duggan Schofield Sheppard
HB: Jetta McGovern Hurn
C: Gaff Redden Sheed
HF: Ryan Darling Allen
FF: Rioli Kennedy Petrucelle

R: Naitanui Shuey Yeo

I/C: Hickey, Hutchings, Cole, Cripps
E: Rotham, Masten, Venables, MAllen

Have to play two rucks with Nic Nat, his time on ground will be around the 60% mark.

Could have Masten or Venables in for Hutchings if you don’t want to tag, but I wouldn’t have thought Simmo would go down that path.

Could also try Allen down back and Cripps forward, then have Masten or Venables to the bench.

Of course all of this is moot the second someone else gets an injury.

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Balls In

Norm Smith Medallist
May 25, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
A clone of 18 Nic Nats would be ideal...
I'd love to see how a team comprising 22 Nic Nats would pan out! I think it would sweep all before it, absolutely massacre the whole competition and yet have in some stats have the worst numbers in AFL history.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 19, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
I'd love to see how a team comprising 22 Nic Nats would pan out! I think it would sweep all before it, absolutely massacre the whole competition and yet have in some stats have the worst numbers in AFL history.
"Sure they kicked 18 goals, but the whole team only got 180 possessions and that's just not enough in today's football. That's why I have them behind the team of 22 Brodie Grundys, who are really an extra midfielder."


May 13, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
FB: Hurn Barrass Sheppard
HB: Jetta McGovern Duggan
C: Gaff Redden Yeo
HF: Rioli Darling Waterman
FF: Ryan Kennedy Petrucelle

R: Naitanui Shuey Sheed

I/C: Hickey, Hutchings, Cole, (Cripps/Masten/Mid-field)
E: Rotham, Masten, Venables, MAllen

If Jetta fit and firing Masten is not needed but that is the problem he is switch on 50% of the time.
Mid-Field set has problems assistant-coaches need to sort out enough said

We are blessed with great forward lines in the entire history of the club. Hence the dilemma of picking the right combo/balance. Cripps was top 5 defensive FW last year unnoticed but have a poor form at the moment. May need to wait for Rioli to find out if his output may improve. You just have to keep playing Petro the kid is a star in the making 2 years from now he will be kicking 50+. O Allen would just make us too tall the kid is gun when Mids are firing. Really need Waterman for forward pressure at the moment unless we got a Mid who can play in our 22 don't say Venables, he is averaging 9 disposals not enough for a spot in the team. Need a Mid for the two to step up or just use Waterman/Rioli rotation. Can't wait for Kelly next year hope we don't have cap issues.

Cole/Duggan output low Jothan is breathing down their neck. Sheppard is just level up this year, breathing fire and eating iron. Should make All-Australia but he is way too under-rated.

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Club Legend
Sep 22, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
Ideal 22 when everyone is fit:

Hurn Barrass Sheppard

Jetta McGovern Duggan

Sheed Yeo Gaff

Rioli Kennedy Cripps

Ryan Darling Petruccelle

1st Ruck: Naitanui Shuey Redden

Bench: Hickey, Hutchings, Cole, O.Allen/midfielder
Love it. Would replace Allen with an inform midfielder be it Masten, Ah Chee, Venners, etc. etc. We just can't afford to.be too tall.

Eastern Rangers

2015 Worsfold Medalist - Rowen Powell
Aug 27, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Royals & Subi
B: Cole - Barrass - Shep
HB: Jetta - McGovern - Hurn
C: Gaff - Shuey - Cripps
HF: Waterman - Darling - Rioli
F: Venables - Kennedy - Ryan

R: Naitanui - Yeo - Redden

I: Hickey - Sheed - Duggan - Petch

Naitanui centre square, low minutes & rests forward. Hickey around the ground, provisional #1 ruck. Vardy might return to second ruck once Naitanui has some match fitness.

Hutch in and depending on needs. For a forward or back depending on needs.

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The Falcon Strike

Hall of Famer
Nov 18, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
If we are playing the long game - send Vardy to the WAFL for the next 6 weeks and plonk him at FF to build some forward craft

Our best 22 has Naitanui in it rucking 50-60% game time.

So we need someone who can be meaningful at FF. Not sure that'll ever be Hickey

Either that or Nic spends more time forward - would rather have him as our get out option and JD & JK stay down.


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Apr 30, 2013
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West Coast
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South Fremantle
Schofield mentioned on the latest Coast to Coast pod that they expect NN to spend majority of time deep fwd. NN in the goalsquare one on one would give defenders nightmares.

I'd be pretty comfortable with Hickey being the primary ruck with small bursts in the middle from NN.
Agreed but when Nic's back every other ruckman can GTFO of the centre square.

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