Injury Injury thread 2019

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 16, 2009
Wembley downs
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West Coast
Either that is the truth, or the media want to keep themselves relevant. *shrugs*
Hagdorn who usually likes to be negative so he has a story said the same - ie Kennedy played out the rest of the "sim". In saying that with Hurn don't like it should any player go into the finals series either underdone or playing injured?? I have a feeling Duggan won't play.


Sep 23, 2015
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West Coast
both teams will be gambling with players under injury clouds. Michael Hurley will definitely be named, though i did have doubts about the recovery times on dislocated shoulders. Truth be told he would not want to get sandwiched in tackles or pack marks if that was the case.

Tom Hickey should keep his spot in case something does (god forbid) happen to Nic again. Liam Duggan is clearly underdone so he would have to be omission. Schofield is a must inclusion and he should getthe job on Stringer. Shep goes to Orazio and nelson goes to Tippa.

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