Mid East Israel declare war after Hamas attack II

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Part I:

Thread Rules:

I recognise that this is a fraught topic for any number of you posting here. Some of you will have family in Israel or Palestine. Some of you will have connections to either side of the conflict. What you need to understand is that this site has rules governing posting standards and the appropriate way to talk to other posters, and you will abide by them.

How this interacts with this thread is that the following will result in your post being deleted, with a recurrence of the same behaviour resulting in (depending on severity) a threadban for a week and a day off:
  • direct labelling of someone as anti-semitic or a terrorist sympathiser for posting that is merely critical of Israel's response over time. I appreciate that Israel has the right to defend themselves from violence, but that does not mean that Israel has carte blanche to attack disproportionately towards people under their care.
  • deliberate goading or flippant responses, designed to get people reacting to your posting emotionally.
  • abuse.
  • attempts to turn this into a Left vs Right shitfight.
  • If I see the word 'Nazi' in here, you had better be able to justify it in the post you're making and the comparison had better be apt. Godwin's law is in full effect for the purposes of this thread; if you refer to Nazis, you've lost whatever argument you're involved in.
  • Any defense of Hamas' actions on the basis of justification. There's no justification for genocide, regardless of whether or not they have the power to do so.
Please recognise that this is a difficult time for all involved, and some level of sensitivity is absolutely required to permit discussion to flow. From time to time, mods will reach out to specific posters and do some welfare checks; we may even give posters who get a bit too involved some days off to give people some time to cool down. This is not a reflection on you as a poster, merely that this is an intense subject.

I get that this is a fairly intense topic about which opinion can diverge rather significantly. If you feel you cannot be respectful in your disagreement with another poster, it is frequently better to refuse to engage than it is to take up the call.

From this point, any poster who finds themselves directly insulting another poster will find themselves receiving a threadban and an infraction, with each subsequent reoccurance resulting in steadily more points added to your account.

If you accumulate enough points in a 12 month period you will lose privileges:

5 points - 1 week off.
10 points - 2 weeks off
15 points - 3 weeks off
20 points - Account banned.

It has also become apparent that this needs to be said: just because someone moderates a part of this forum that isn't on Int Pol or the SRP does not hold them to a different standard of posting than anyone else. All of us were posters first, and we are allowed to hold opinions on this and share them on this forum.

Treat each other with the respect each of you deserve.

Thanks all.
Play nicely, all.
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Are you referring to this?

While I believe the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves and hope the IDF suffers casualties while invading and committing war crimes in Gaza, what happened on October 7 was a terrorist attack plain and simple.

What Hamas have done was inhuman just as the IDF invading and attacking Gaza are.
I agree, nobody is suggesting that what Hamas did went too far. Both Hamas and Israel have gone too far.

That statement would be considered anti-semitism by some outspoken Zionists trying to conflate criticism of Israel with criticism of Jews.

I'm happy to criticise all religions, they're all objectively stupid, but not the race. This is another way they conflate anti-semitism. If I said Judaism is stupid, they'd say it's anti-semitism too. Christians tend to wear the criticism because they mostly do it to each other. Islam tends to be very defensive because it's the newest and like all third children, it's a little bit cray-cray.
Israeli 'celebrity spy' Jonathan Pollard, who spent nearly three decades in a U.S prison for espionage and is now a political hopeful, calls for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the mass deportation of Palestinians to Ireland.

'The Irish deserve it': Israeli ex-spy turned election candidate wants Gazans 'moved' to Ireland
February 26 2024

A FORMER SPY for Israel turned prospective far-right election candidate has claimed Israel should “move” Arab people in Gaza to Ireland, due to the support for the Palestinian cause here.

Jonathan Pollard, who was born in America and served almost 30 years in an American jail for spying for Israel, said that Israel must annex Gaza if it wants people to be able to return to homes they fled after the 7 October surprise attack by Hamas.

The suggestion has been condemned as “ethnic cleansing” by Dublin TD Richard Boyd Barrett, whose own longstanding support for Palestine was cited by Pollard in Israeli media as reason to force people from their homeland and towards Irish shores.

The People Before Profit–Solidarity deputy added: “If the movement of solidarity with the Palestinian people in Ireland is annoying far-right fanatics like this Mr Pollard, then it means we’re doing something right...”

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Outrageous. The IDF opened fire on a crowd of Palestinians in Gaza waiting to access a FOOD AID TRUCk. 104 people were killed. How can anyone continue to defend these people? A straight massacre.

WTF is wrong with them?! They had the nerve to blame STARVING PALESTINIANS for the massacre by saying that "the Palestinians trampled each other" when the IDF opened FIRE at a FOOD AID TRUCK. Then you get this idiot saying the above statement.

Bunch of morally depraved liars that need to be punished for their behaviour. Sanction them to the ground for the war crimes they've committed and defund their military of every dollar of foreign aid.

The US also needs to be held accountable.
Israel media has gone into overdrive trying to confuse people about the death of 100+ starving Gazans in North Gaza.

They just mysteriously died while the IDF shot at them.

Their crime?

Starving people trying to take food off aid trucks.
Tragic that the IDF had to shoot those Palestinian civilians trying to access food. If only there was some way it could be avoided.

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Tragic that the IDF had to shoot those Palestinian civilians trying to access food. If only there was some way it could be avoided.

Tragic how Hamas keep making IDF pull the trigger.

Never has a nation state been less responsible for anything.
A more acceptable post is that bibi should ******* die painfully hopefully soon and maybe in an incident that takes out that other far right settler leader piece of s**t

well, that's far different to suggesting that the entire country with 10m odd people in it should be blown off planet earth.
well, that's far different to suggesting that the entire country with 10m odd people in it should be blown off planet earth.
Yes, which is why I said it would be a far more acceptable outcome.
Hamas is so scary that hundreds of Jewish settlers just broke through the border gate (without IDF opposition) in an attempt to start settlements in Gaza.

How long until the IDF is no longer able to chase them out?

Kind of makes the idea that Israel is terrified of Hamas and they're an imminent threat a bit stupid.
what a sub-human individual this creature is. and the odds of an i.d.f soldier being harmed are about the same as someone being hit with a flying tram so depleted is the resistance and so armed and protected is the I.d.f.

israel under the present corrupt leadership has no moral or ethical base and has become a law unto itself. let’s hope one day in the not-too-distant future justice will prevail and there will be a price to pay.

Bibi is saying that the Knesset has to pass Religious supremacy laws (excluding religious parts of his coalition from military service) or else "the terrorists win".

Honestly, the guy would say "the terrorists win" if he lost at table tennis. Then he'd call the paddles Hamas and have them tortured.

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So does Israel have any legitimacy left as a state?

If it keeps acting like this how much longer should it be allowed to exist?
When people used to say "do you support the right of Israel to exist", I used to think yes.

But I can't help but think that maybe it hasn't been the best outcome. A Lebanon-style 1-state solution might have prevented some of the extremist supremacy movements from emerging and becoming so extreme. Now, Israel won't give up Jewish supremacy and therefore why would Palestinians not want their own state on equal footing?

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