Lions face decade of pain: Terry Wallace

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May 11, 2009
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Brisbane Lions
We are probably already up to 10 years, 2005 to 2015, can we merge with someone?
How about a merger with Fitzroy Football Club? They have the same colours, the same mascot, a very similar song and good connections with grass roots supporters (something dearly lacking in Brisbane over the past 10 years). Obviously being in a better financial position, Fitzroy would have to be the stronger party in the merger, and with the bucket loads of cash the AFL throws at new clubs it couldn't fail! I'd be at the head of the membership line as soon as it was announced!

Give us 10 first round draft picks plus access to the best under 17's for the next couple of years and we'll be all set for a premiership by 2020. We wouldn't even need a retention allowance.

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Jun 17, 2008
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People can rib Terry Wallace about football, but I would take him before Lloyd any day. Wallace was on SEN last night talking about the pain of delisting a player from the coaches perspective and he came across as a really thoughtful and caring guy. Lloyd is just in empty head who is addicted to the hollow big statement. Wallace can make some of those too, but he and Lloyd are not in the same class.

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