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Jan 3, 2017
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Celtics, Renegades, Packers
They're birds. Birds look alike.
The way the beak on the Falcons' concept curves up at the bottom and down on the top is interesting to say the least, considering one is meant to be a Falcon while the other is meant to be a Crow.
The left side of the Trashers' is eerily similar, with basically the same amount of points.

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Feb 6, 2015
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- Re-design fee
- New signs
- New business cards
- New stationery
- Replacement and disposal of old materials
- Changes to websites, documents and any paper forms
- Etc. etc.

Logo looks like something off Fiver, all the other stuff is the real cost
Plus also they never account for the bullshit that designers have to get through with corporate boards all wanting their 2 cents worth of opinion. The design/marketing agency probably re-did a few new concepts to propose but got shut down from the many levels of people it had to be approved from, so much so that eventually ASIC just said 'just freshen up the exisiting logo a bit' and hence the end result.

I work in a small design agency and it's always the same with larger businesses - especially government run businesses. No one likes making a decision and people always try to find the negative in every concept because they feel like they're not doing their job otherwise.
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Oct 26, 2010
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Actually pretty neutral
As opposed to just the "R" mark I guess - like Carlton having the recognisable "CFC" monogram but also a fully-fledged logo with wordmark?

EDIT: I've read the article better now! Magpienato is correct. The logo used for international branding must have the team's full name in it. Probably helps keep clear of trademarks in other countries who may also have a logo with a sun or something fairly common.

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