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Giant Gutsache

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Apr 30, 2019
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To be fair both were played. Club couldn’t do much more than give them a ridiculous offer.
They were home sick mummy’s boys nothing more.
If that’s the case the bad job started with their profiling before investing the high picks in them. They wouldn’t have turned into mummy’s boys in the 2 years at the club. Was a heap of talent taken after them so plenty of other options who weren’t midfielders.
I’d heard that Caldwell is a ripping bloke, but got frustrated by the lack of opportunity and explanation for missing out after fighting through injuries.
You’re probably right that the crazy money would have got him even if he’d played every game.


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Aug 31, 2014
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The 25-year-old joined the Saints from GWS at the end of 2016 in search of greater opportunities at senior level.

Steele reflected on his time at the Giants, where he played 17 games in two seasons.

“I reflect on that sort of stuff all the time, especially after last year,” Steele said.

“Even before last year I still felt like I reflected on the move quite a lot because ideally the move was to get me playing more AFL football.

“After three years at the Saints, I’d already done that. I think I played 62 games in three years whereas I only played 17 in two at the Giants.

“The goal was sort of achieved by then, and last year was just the icing on the cake, I guess.

“There was just so much talent, we had so much depth during that period. It was just a constant cycle of being in and out of the side.

“I never felt like they undervalued me at all.”
You can see why guys like Caldwell and Hately want to leave early when they struggle to get games, especially when they see guys like Steele depart for greener pastures and immediately see increase in opportunity. Not all make it but you can see why they try.
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