Non-Lions discussion 2021

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Club Legend
Nov 26, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Well this little in joke did not work for the Pies this time around
Collingwood may be on the ropes after a disastrous start to 2021, but their cheer squad hasn’t lost its sense of humour just yet.

The Pies’ most diehard supporters were briefly the focus of jokes across the footy world before the club’s revelation pointed out a clever, superstitious joke hidden in the text.
The Pies ran through a banner onto the MCG on Saturday afternoon before their clash with the Gold Coast Suns that included a spelling blunder.
Only fans who can remember the Magpies’ banner from 2018 got the inside joke.
The spelling blunder was more than it seemed, with the Pies’ supporters making an actual blunder when preparing their banner for the game against the Blues three years ago
The club explained the banner in a message on Twitter: “Throwback to the 2018 banner against Carlton which kick-started our grand final campaign”.

The Magpies beat Carlton twice in 2018 and won 15 of their last 20 games after beating the Blues in Round 2.


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Premiership Player
Apr 4, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Keays and Adelaide midfield getting mauled today. Impressive 1on1 intensity from GWS.
He can't carry them Mpal. Given out as their best player, most clearances, most tackles most FP.

I must say I prefer it when Collingwood is up there and chokes.

I wouldn't kick them when they're down because that might make them change their culture ,their list, their coaching staff and become the real power that they should be given all the advantages and access to money they're gifted.

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Club Legend
Apr 3, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Papley is so fun to watch. When he gets a good goal, the chest gets puffed, shoulders as far back as possible, and a lot of bounce in those steps!

great finish to the game, happy to see the Cats go down ;)

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