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Deserves a bump on such a day

The biggest dilemma today is the tin rattlers at traffic lights for RCH

There is that awkwardness of donating at first light and then not at next etc
It's worse on coming into ANZAC day. If you donate early I always feel guilty walking past the old diggers for the rest of the week.

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Jan 28, 2004
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My family has moved seats this year and we are now on the Esplanade side of Marvel (entering Gate 8). For years we have parked in Crombie Lane (off Lonsdale st) as it was only $10 and you get out reasonably easily. However, it's now too far to walk across the bridge and all the way around to the other side of the stadium with the kids so I need recommendations on where to park for a reasonable price closer to Gate 8. Help please :)
I have more interest in your choice of parking spot than anything else game related right now. Where’d you end up?

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