Play Nice Random Chat Thread IV

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May 20, 2012
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North Melbourne
Jeez. Looking at those joints in Wamberal l'm surprised that anyone was allowed to build there at all. Not much room between the road and the Pacific ocean.

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Apr 3, 2008
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North Melbourne
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He’s right.

Notwithstanding the ludicrous, expected carry-on by Murdoch papers, the fact is there were enough people to share the blame around with regard to the Ruby Princess. Not for a moment would I like to see a free-for-all against Gladys. She’s doing a great job. Personally speaking, as a great admirer of Dan Andrews, I’m flabbergasted by this own goal on his behalf. He handled the bushfires incredibly well. He was and is doing an excellent job with Covid-19 as well. However, his decision to bring in a mob of “fly-by-nighters” to monitor quarantine when it would have been much simpler to use the ADF has me flummoxed. He has created a rod for his own back in this instance and he will pay dearly - unfortunately for him. It all seems so ridiculous that I half expect some mitigating explanation to come out in the inquiry. However, I have no idea what it could be. We were on the brink of eradication, for heaven’s sake. Now, we’re in danger of seeing things play out like in some of the European countries. Hopefully, not. So unnecessary.

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Mar 24, 2011
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North Melbourne
Aldi beer, any good?

12 packs of Pale Ale for $18.
depending on the amount of dextrose they use you really cant go wrong with a pale ale. i always prefer ales than lagers. its not the yeast as lagering can produce some great beers (think czech, german and belgion offerings) but its the fact that most megabrew lagers are trying to achieve the same tasteless corn style beers like great northern and corona. Ales on the other hand havnt snookered themselves yet into such a small style demographic.

i havnt had the said aldi ale beer but there is likely a high chance it would be a coopers product. having said that there is a vietnamese product called rivet they do that i would imagine comes from ba ba ba (333) breweries. again tasteless inoffensive corn dominated beer.
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