Game Day Round 10: Reigning Premiers Vs Plodding Crows

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Oct 12, 2010
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West Coast
Switched off at half time, had a nap, woke up as the siren went, WTF.

Watching the replay and my fox recording ends with 3 minutes to go, scores level.

Serves me right.
Yeah I took the kids to the park at half time and left about 5 minutes to go in the third and we were 33 points down and was bitter as fu**. Get home and we kicked 3 goals in a row in the 5 minute walk back.


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Sep 1, 2014
Perth SOR
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Switched off at half time, had a nap, woke up as the siren went, WTF.

Watching the replay and my fox recording ends with 3 minutes to go, scores level.

Serves me right.
When i was a kid i switched the tv off at half time and missed our greatest comeback against the cats. Since then the Port game this year was the first time i switched the tv off during a game and I still feel shitty doing that.


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Nov 14, 2009
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What about the Pies - wouldn't you include them as well that on their day are very hard to beat, albeit we have had the better of them of late.
I just don't think the pies best is as good. Same with richmond. Both of those sides are particularly vulnerable to teams with dominant key talls particularly with rance out for the year.

With full sides available (discounting season ending injuries) then the only two sides I can see going with us with Nicnat, Jetta and Barrass is Geelong and GWS.

I see our defence being able to match up with Richmonds forwards well enough, us holding even at least in the middle and our forwards being the difference.

Against Collingwood their very strong midfield shades us but our defence is a few levels above their forward line and our forward line a couple of levels ahead of their defence. I think we have them covered in the air and can keep up with them around the ground.

Geelong's additions have greatly improved them, particularly on the spread and general ground speed which has been their biggest weakness in years past as well as fading towards the end of seasons. Will be interesting seeing how their older players continue during the season and if they slow at all. If their key older players slow up at all or hawkins gets injured they are in trouble.

GWS best football sees their midfielders absolutely dominant and able to destroy us with run however some of their very best players still are young and not fully developed and may not stand up to finals. Also very important to see how Mumford, Shaw and Deledio hold up over the season as their class and on field leadership i think is very important to them. They have been underwhelming at the MCG to say the least as well mind you. In saying that like us in our years of success that's been the very last thing to click.

Mind you we are one more key midfield or forward injury away from not competing either in a lot of ways. I see us as having an exceptional best 22 all fit but our depth is very unbalanced imo. Mind you with salary caps, limited list sizes and 18 sides in the comp you really can't have 30+ guys all ready to go with genuine cover to all important positions. Our small forward depth imo is non existant (venables is currently not afl standard and neither is cameron) as is our midfield depth (masten, ah chee, mallen?) and it's really easy to see how hard it is for us to get clean ball out of defence without all of shep, hurn and jetta playing. Also if we play an important game in the wet i see us in lots of trouble.

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May 28, 2017
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10 for the year so far. He'll eclipse Yeo's tally of 14 last year and will look to push Shuey's tally of 24 in 2015.

He's getting plenty of shots on goal but needs to tidy up a bit more. He started missing more often over the last couple weeks.
As long as he’s on his left he does OK. Any right foot shots on the run tend to miss


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Sep 21, 2004
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Just watched the replay.

At the ground the crowd was going feral in the 3rd over the frees.

Watching the replay they were all technically there.

The only "iffy" one was maybe the 50 to O.Allen.

They actually missed a lot more, to both teams.

Frees in the last qtr were like 7-2 crows way... but no boo to that

Thought the commentary from Roo n Pav was actually quite alright.

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Mar 11, 2012
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It was soft free to Allen, but the 50 afterwards was there all day long.
Crows fans are clueless anyway. They booed when Hutchings got a free for the clearest front on contact you'll ever see. Also forget their second goal when Betts took the ball out and it wasn't called.

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May 26, 2005
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You have to say that is game considering how we are struggling to score this year, been Ross Lyon levels of low scoring.
Actually you have to say that always I am an over emotional idiot.

Boy did I get that wrong, damn that was enjoyable to watch the comeback though. Touch of 06 vibes (carlton and geelong games) about the last two weeks
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