Preview Round 16 changes vs crows after the bye

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Coach Sissy Rose (my Little dachsador girl)

barks the following...

she also barks...WIN IT FOR SCAMPER!
I know there's the bye curse, but surely we benefit from it more than most? LDU with an extra week to deal with lingering issues, TT and Wardlaw both get a break after a game block which they both weren't fully ready for. Three game changers right there, better off for the week's rest.

Of course there's every chance the defensive unit turns into a clown show and we get torn apart by their forwards, but it's an exciting thought to have those three in the same team

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Looking forward to seeing the mids this week, we need to win there at a minimum.

Pretty confident they will run all over use particularly off the respective half back lines.
Looks like not many on here coming over. The autopsy thread will be light on, it'll only be you and us Adelaide folk that can comment.
If we could only comment on games we’ve attended, I’d only have been able to comment on one game in the last 3 years.
* that.

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Adelaide will take an unchanged side into its clash with North Melbourne, which regains Darcy Tucker and Luke Davies-Uniacke. Tom Powell misses through injury, while Hugh Greenwood and Phoenix Spicerhave been left out of the starting side.
"I spoke to McRae and Longmire about coming off the bye and they seemed pretty happy about. I didn't speak to any other coaches.." 🤣

Rats doing comedy now. None of the reporters in the room seemed to get the joke 🤦‍♂️
I don’t get it either. Please explain.

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