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Nov 5, 2014
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So Greenwood did the business and Lukosius and Rankine were scheiza so I've pissed it in in my semi and made it to 4 prelims out of the five leagues I was in this year.

With Neale and Greeny in that one I've finished very, very close to 2k so final scaling will decide whether I get there or not

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Feb 10, 2008
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OK, time for some advice please ladies and gents:

I am struggling to get up in one of my main leagues, but I have worked out that I can get up if I go with Lyons as captain and I get 390 between Lyons & Greenwood, so long as Rankine goes under my opponents lowest counting score which is 78. So, let's say Lyons 135 (270 as Captain) and Greenwood 120.

Alternative is if I go Neale as captain (opponent has him too, but at this stage he has locked in Gawn as C). I will need 150+ to get enough to make a difference. So, either:

Neale 170 (340), Lyons 115, and Greenwood 110 gets me to 2,100. Opponent would be 2,093.
Neale 150 (300), Lyons 125, and Greenwood 115 would also work. 2,075 v 2,073….

What is more likely? Lyons and Greenwood getting 390 between them with Lyons Captain, or either of the above Neale scenarios?

Lyons has gone 135+ 3 times

View attachment 956812

Neale has gone 150+ six times…..but not in the past 3 weeks….

View attachment 956811
Ahhhhh, fu** it! Of course I went the wrong way!!
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