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Sep 9, 2016
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Hey guys,

What's the consensus on Keidean Coleman's 1st game? Do we expect him to keep his spot for at least another game, was looking for a cheap downgrade in my forward line and his DPP is a bonus...
He looked great
Nippy tackles plenty
Decent skills
Can definitely see him playing next game but long term who knows. Also long term is only 3 more games so I don’t think it matters. Take the punt and use the dpp 👌🏻

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Sep 27, 2008
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Tempted to blow my last trade on Hurn to Scrimshaw.

Would mean I'm stuck with Shitheap Sheed though.


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Aug 15, 2009
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Going to make 3 trades, but I'm dithering. Probably bring in Gawn. Got to replace Shuey. Looking at options as far apart as Steele and JPK. And Coleman in to make some money. Pity he's in the last game, but I imagine he'll be picked. Terrific debut.

As I live in Scotland the early start games are a nightmare for me. First game tomorrow is 4.05am. Second game 6.35am. I have been burnt in the past with late outs. There haven't been many lately, but the moment you aren't looking . Bang!

Anyway, decisions decisions. At least I've got some trades left.
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