Game Day Round 23, 2023 - West Coast vs Western Bulldogs

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Get up it’s game day

After another week of turmoil following the derby capitulation that ended with news that Adam Simpson is possibly on the verge of being sacked along with almost the entire coaching department, we play the Bulldogs

At Marvel, their home ground

Needing a win to stay in the finals hunt

And also eyeing off a percentage boost to further enhance their chances of playing finals

A team that isn’t adverse to some downhill skiing when the opportunity presents

It has all the ingredients of an all too familiar horror show

Truth is, it’s one game closer to ending this wretched season where all we have to look forward to is finishing last and generating Instagram likes from Harley Reid

We won’t win and a margin under 10 goals will be a relief

Maybe Long or Chesser or Maric can have a standout game and earn the club another rising star nomination

Or Allen can cobble together 4 goals to get him to 50 for the year which would be some achievement for a full forward in a side that gets about 5 clean inside 50’s per game

Lie back and think of draft night

West Coast by 45

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We're heading up the highway today to attend an Adam Simpson-coached Eagles game for what looks like the last time and most likely to watch another almighty flogging. But what we're really looking forward to is another game from our crop of developing talent: Hewett, Maric, Long, Chesser. With off-field changes brewing and another good draft haul on the horizon, things are finally looking up. They know we're coming - let's just hope we get there a lot quicker than Carlton.

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Oh's still going. Game day.
I'd almost forgotten about Eagles and their weekly brand of football, life seemed better.
Yes, this promises to be ugly.
"What it means for the Eagles: The chance to restore some pride after a dismal effort in the RAC Derby..?"
(good luck with that?)
Team looks solid on paper, but...

Hewey said we'll win the last 2 games - an optimistic young fella!"
One week and game to go before the Great Western Portals of Time, Space, Money and Men, begin revolving (the front doors of the WCE football club). It's like the Bermuda Triangle in there at present....
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Longy to get his much deserved Rising star this week
Will kick 3 with one being an absolute ripper from the boundary.

Bulldogs by less than Essendon lost to GWS by.
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