Review Round 5, 2021: Box Hill v North Melbourne, Sunday 16th May @ 12:05pm, BHCO

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Nov 6, 2014
24 Barrack Street
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Excuse me, they all played as defensive mids before developing an attacking game. Don't just say "oh they didn't" without providing evidence.

I don't give a sh*t what Curnow did at Box Hill, he was a tagger at Carlton. "Blues' Ed Curnow emerges as AFLs #2 tagger" - The Age, 2014.

"Western Bulldogs tagger Liam Picken: A pest to match the best?" - The Age, 2014

"Nerves of Steele: The toughest tagger in footy" - St Kilda Website, 2019
To me your post reads like Finn is doing an good old fashioned apprenticeship.

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