Slobbos top 50

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Dunkley, brayshaw, english are omissions that stick out
Maynard the inclusion that sticks out

I'd query Neale and Jez can maintain top 10 status.

for me
Mate, Cripps is a Brownlow medallist, multiple AA and multiple B&F coming off a year where he made the AA squad and captained his team to a Prelim.

LDU is not even fit to gargle his balls.

The only group of people in Australia that had Cripps in last years AA 40 man squad happened to be the selectors themselves.

It was openly mocked on here as one of the worst selections in recent memory.

Belonged nowhere near the AA 40 squad last year and wasn’t in the best 20 midfielders in the comp.

People have short memories it seems.

Based on his 2023 he’s lucky he’s even that high, he was garbage for most of it.
Luke Jackson will be top ten by seasons end. Is anyone seriously taking Rowan Marshall before him?

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Off the top of my head I thought I would have a stab because I have been so critical.
This is my ratings of performance this season and by seasons end as well predictions.

1- Daicos
2- Bont
3- Greene
4- Petracca
5- Cameron
6- Neale
7- Rozee
8- Butters
9- Green
10- Stewart
11- Serong
12- Gulden
13- Taylor
14- Curnow
15- Merrett
16- Dawson
17- English
18- S Walsh
19- Sinclair
20- Sicily
21- S Bolton
22- N Anderson
23- M Gawn
24- C Cameron
25- Brayshaw
26- Larkey
27- J Daicos
28- C Oliver
29- M King
30- D Moore
31- Dangerfield
32- De Goey
33- T Liberatore
34- Martin
35- O Allen
36- H Sheezel
37- T Hawkins
38- LDU
39- R Marshall
40- T Miller
41- J Weitering
42- Dunkley
43- Coniglio
44- M Rowell
45- S De Koning
46- Taranto
47- JUH
48- JHF
49- T Kelly
50- Amiss
DeGoey is the absolute master of deception

0 top 3 finishes in his teams b&f. 0 AA's
Turns 28 in a couple of weeks too, so he doesn't have the "still young" card either.

Anyway, if the list is a prediction, then it's harder to criticise because it's intended to be speculative, if the list is a rating going into the season then it is as expected quite a few poor head scratchers in there with De Goey in the top 10 as the most noticeable given how high up he is.
He should get someone to proof-read his drunken drafts, leaving Brayshaw out is a ridiculous omission, he's probably top 10

Everyone seems to have Bont number 1 this pre-season, they're bending over backwards to talk him up but a quick look at the Brownlow market makes it pretty obvious who the TRUE number 1 is

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The Brownlow?

Not really sure that holds much weight anymore to the critical thinking footy follower, limited to a certain type of player winning it / we know the type of games that attract votes.
Is that Jordan Dawson below Darcy Moore, Patrick Cripps, Luke Davies-Uniacke and a few more that are questionable.
People get sucked into this every year. It is a predicted top 50 at the end of the season. Not for last season, or the players career.

As for mike sheenan i think the OP forgets how many people roasted his top 50s.
Yeah but at least Mike was coherent and not an utter joke

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Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Cripps win the Brownlow in 2022
Yep. And the poster is still correct

And had shit years in 20,21 & 23

Therefore below his best in 3 of the last 4 seasons

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This is pretty bad from a guy with his standing!

Serong and Merrett are in my top 15 every day of the week.

What has LDU done better than them?
And De Goey I know he won a premiership and was a big contributor in finals but still he scraped in for his first top 10 b and f… wow!

I love Whitfield and his skill but cmon that is not his rating, he scrapes at 49-50 if he is lucky.
Are you saying JDG has only placed in the Collingwood B&F Top 10 once?
Callum Wilkie plays tennis does he.
Robbo is my favourite football analyst. He gives me hope that I can achieve anything in my life

He truly gives us all hope.

Maybe battered deep fried kebabs truly are health food and Crownies are the nectar of the Gods.

Who knows… maybe there is a genuine Nigerian Princess or Prince for everyone after all and that phone, long lost somewhere on King St will turn up.
Hopefully we can win a game or two with the lack of talent we have on our list. Might have to start the rebuild from scratch

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Freo or any lower club to have only two players on a top 50 list. 2.7 spots per club on average. Collingwood and GWS rightly taking up a big chunk of that with their A graders.

Personally would have Jackson, Serong and Brayshaw in my top 50 but there are plenty of jets across the competition.

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