Name top 5

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They call me Phil.

Phil Carman
Phil Matera
Phil Krakouer
Phil Davis

Surely there's a few more Phil's who played VFL/AFL?

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Craig (now there's a name that has died out)
1- Craig Bradley- carl
2- Craig Sholl- nm
3- Craig Kelly- coll
4- Craig Lambert- rich/bris
5- Craig Starcevich- coll/bris

Honourable mentions: Mcrae- bris, Bolton- syd, Turley- wce, Devenport- stk and Craig Smoker-dont remember who he played for but what a name
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Handy Andys.

1 Andrew McLeod
2. Andy McKay
3.Andrew Gaff
4. Harris Andrews
5.Andy Collins

Andrew Mackie
Andrew Bews
Andrew Dunkley
Andrew Walker
Andrew Jarman
Andrew Swallow
Andrew Leoncelli
I know this is rubbish but top 5 for first names eg: Peter Gary Tom .

Let’s start off with


1- Peter Daicos
2- Peter Matera
3- Peter Hudson
4- Peter Knights
5- Peter Bell

Honourable mentions- Peter Everitt Peter Riccardi Peter Burgoyne Peter Featherby


1- Dean Cox
2- Dean Kemp
3- Dean Solomon
4- Dean Laidley
5- Dean Wallis

Honorable mentions
Dean Rice

Matt /Matthew

1- Matthew Scarlett
2- Matthew Lloyd
3- Matthew Pavlich
4- Matthew Richardson
5- Matthew Knights

Honourable Mentions
Matty Lappin Matthew Boyd
Dean Laidley. I no know this one

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1. Travis Boak
2. Travis Cloke
3. Travis Varcoe
4. Travis Colyer
5. Travis Johnstone

It’s always weirded me out how many Travises there have been in the AFL despite it being such an unusual name.
You should try doing Zacs
Not in any particular order for each group:

Tom Mitchell
Tom Liberatore
Tom Rockliff
Tom Lynch
Tom Harley
Tom Alvin
Tom Hafey
Tom Green

Dick Reynolds
Dick Clay
Dick Lee
Dick Harris
Dick Condon

Harry Collier
Harry Vallence
Harry Cunningham
Harry McKay
Harry Himmelberg
Harry Hickey
Harry Sheezel
Which Tom Lynch?
Sam Newman#
Sam Mitchell
Sam Walsh
Sam Kekovich
Sam Fisher*

* Exchange for Sam Taylor if drug traffickers are ineligible
# Exchange for Sam Reid if idiots are ineligible
Who would be first out of Nigel Smart and Nigel Lappin?

Since you asked:

1. Nigel Lappin
2. Nigel Smart
3. Nigel Kellett
4. Nigel Kol
5. Nigel Fiegert
HM: Nigel Palfreyman

The above list is every Nigel that has played VFL/AFL.
Oleg Markov
Oleg Intheair

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