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May 24, 2008
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Last updated 19-Aug-2014
Mod edit: last updated 25-10-2017

Full site rules can be found here:

Rules about content can be found here:

On registration you agreed to not use the forum to submit or link to any Content which is:
  • defamatory,
  • hateful,
  • threatening,
  • abusive,
  • spam or spam-like,
  • likely to offend,
  • contains adult or objectionable content,
  • contains personal information of others,
  • risks copyright infringement,
  • encourages unlawful activity,
  • or otherwise violates any laws.

Useful Threads
General Threads:
Former Players - Find out where former Swans players are coaching/playing now
2014 Swans Reserves - Find out all the latest information about our reserves and the NEAFL

Sydney Swans Player List
Swans Players Contract Status Thread
Swans Fans Introduce Yourselves Here Thread
Swans Board Feedback Thread

Sydney Replay Reference Centre (2003-) (work in progress)

2012 Grand Final Threads (relive the memories!):
Game Day Thread
Pictures Thread
Nick Malceski's Goal - Triple M Commentary
Favourite Grand Final Moment
Premiership Merchandise
YOUR Grand Final Day Story!

Player of the Year Threads:
2017 Sydney Swans POTY Leaderboard
2016 Sydney Swans POTY Leaderboard
2015 Sydney Swans POTY Leaderboard
2014 Sydney Swans POTY Leaderboard
2013 Sydney Swans POTY Leaderboard
2012 (1. Josh Kennedy, 2. Kieren Jack, 3. Ryan O'Keefe)

Club History Threads:
The South Melbourne/Sydney Swans History Thread
Top 3 favourite Swans moments
Some Obscure Trivia about the Swans
Your memories of Swans legends

Classic Threads:
Get Stuffed McGuire The Swans BigFooty Podcast (the truth about the Swans and GWS academies)
Grimlock's Swans Quiz from 2013
Buddy a Swan (2013 off-season mega thread)
Kurt Tippett to the Swans? (2012 off-season mega thread)
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Jan 11, 2003
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Useful Links

Other Swans Websites/Links:
RWOwiki - Useful database containing a wealth of Swans information. Still a work in progress.

Useful AFL Websites/Links:
2014 AFL Broadcast Guide.

Watching AFL Matches Online:
A bug has been discovered in the Smart Replay tool on where the website thinks you are overseas when watching certain matches. This appears to be an issue with Telstra. You can work around this by editing the URL of the match you are viewing as follows.

For example, where the URL in the address bar is:

if you delete &matchId=CD_M20141010109 from the URL, hit enter and select the match again, it should work. For best results, use Safari or Internet Explorer as your browser. If problems persist, contact technical support.
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Jan 11, 2003
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*** Board Rules Update as of 26-07-2016 ***

1. Despite rumours to the contrary, banter and in-jokes are not banned. We made the announcement below based on information that was available to us and as a result of feedback we received from a number of posters over a period of time as well as consultation with site admin. Since the announcement was made, we have not seen the need to take any action over this issue. We want to keep the board light hearted, as piss taking (within reason) has always been a part of BigFooty and none of us want that to change. We will only act if we feel that the banter goes too far, but as always, we will let you know first. We are accountable to all of you and we do not take any decision lightly.

Having said that, none other than the Chief himself has suggested that we follow these three rules for a happy board:

Playing the ball, not the man
Respecting each other
Ignoring people if you don't value their opinion and don't want to engage with them

And yes, moderators ARE bound by these rules too, so if you feel you are not being shown respect, let me know in private.
*waits for incoming torrent of abuse* :p

2. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, about the board, these will continue to be addressed via private message, as they always have been. The same rule applies to all boards on BigFooty, not just our own. Myself, robbieando and swansfan51 are all happy to answer your questions privately. We don't mind answering some general board questions in the random thoughts thread, but it would make our lives a lot easier if you follow the proper process. We are volunteers who enjoy reading and posting on the site as much as you do.


*** Mod Edit 22/7/2016 - New Rule regarding Inside Jokes ***

We have reached the stage where certain inside jokes on this board are becoming so noticeable that they are starting to scare off new posters and turn away existing ones. While we want the board to be as free flowing and lighthearted as possible, from now on posts that "exclude" or "target" posters either by bringing up their past posts, putting them into groups or categories or using abbreviations to describe a post or posters in a demeaning or belittling way will not be allowed on the main part of the Swans Board. As for posts made in the Bob Skilton Bar sub-forum, things will continue to be more relaxed there, but we'll use our own judgement as to what posts will be allowed.

See this thread:


Hi all,

With the 2014 season just around the corner, we thought it was time for a refresh of the board rules to make it clear for everyone what is and isn't acceptable here going into the season.

We are happy to say that posters here stick to the rules most of the time and for that we are grateful, but for the benefit of newer posters as well as others who may have forgotten, we have provided a summary of the rules below.

Please also ensure that you have read and are familiar with both the Swans board rules (see the second post in this thread) as well as the BigFooty Site Rules which apply across the whole site.

That said, we welcome everyone on this board, and we want this board to be as enjoyable as possible, so if you follow these guidelines and use common sense, you shouldn't have a problem. Go Bloods!

The Ten Commandments of the Swans Board (the short version)

New posters are always welcome.

No personal abuse.

Differences of opinion are perfectly fine. Flame wars are not. Sniping others is not.

Show respect – Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you disagree, find a way to do it without getting the guns out.

Joining in the spirit of existing satire and friendly banter may be okay.

Rumours – provide a source and clearly state that it is a rumour. If you are not sure and don't make it clear, then don't post it.

Bumping old threads. Please don’t do it to prove a point or make a fool of someone.

No swear filter evasion, spamming, or torrent links.

Opposition posters – if you are to post here, be respectful. Respect the users of this board, respect the club and there will be no problems.

The moderators aren't robots and don't necessarily read every post. If you see something that you take offense with, or is a breach of the forum rules – click the Report Post icon in the offensive post we’ll attend to it.
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Jan 11, 2003
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Swans Board Rules - Please Read Before Posting

1. No Personal Abuse: We welcome a variety of opinions on this board, and the more passionately you argue them, the better. BUT we encourage you to do so within reason and without resorting to using personal abuse towards another poster. Likewise cracks about other users' personal lives should be avoided. Threats and revealing of other peoples' personal information (addresses, phone numbers, PMs from people and email addresses that aren't public knowledge) will be dealt with harshly. We also don't welcome Swans fans telling other Swans fans how to be a supporter of the club. The main Sydney Swans Board is intended for genuine football discussion only. Things are a little more relaxed in the Bob Skilton Bar, and a bit of piss-taking (within reason) is acceptable there.

2. No Offensive Posts: While we all like a laugh from time to time, there is a time and a place for certain things and when you can say and do them. So therefore DON'T post racist, vulgar or adult-oriented material. While we generally are not opposed to the occasional swear word slipping through in context - gratuitous or abusive swearing will not be tolerated.

3. Legal Issues: AFL players are very much in the public eye, and therefore countless rumours concerning their private lives and behaviour constantly do the rounds. We would ask that you don't pass it on. In fact even if you can provide proof DON'T pass it on because it's not worth the trouble wasting our spare time trying to work out if the rumour is 100% correct. So if we see a rumour that COULD land BigFooty in legal trouble, we are just going to delete it.

4. Stay on topic: Primarily we would like this board to be used for discussion relating to the Sydney Swans Football Club. If it's light hearted chit-chat you're after, we recommend you use "The Bob Skilton Bar".

5. Starting a Thread on a topic that is already being discussed: If a thread is already being discussed, your thread can be without warning merged into a mega-thread or the existing thread on the topic without warning.

6. Opposition Supporters: Posters from all clubs are welcome here, unless they decide to be an idiot, then the welcome will be withdrawn. Gloating, abuse, and unsportsmanlike/derogatory posts are not welcome, and will be removed - as will the user who posted them. We will also have little patience for opposition posters who engage in COLA-related trolling. In addition, opposition trolls will be dealt with harshly regardless of any alleged trolling by Swans supporters elsewhere. You have your own mods to deal with that, so contact them.

A note to Swans board regulars, not all opposition supporters are trolls. Where opposition supporters posting on this board are respectful and act within the rules, we expect Swans fans to do the same.

7. Swans Board members posting elsewhere: When you post on other boards, you are under the control and the rules of different mods. So if you enter a new board to post, please check if that board has a set of rules and read them before posting.

8. Leave out the spam: Posts with the purpose of redirecting people to external sites will not be allowed. If you wish to promote your own site you will need to seek express permission from site admin. If you wish to post content from your site you may still do so by either copying a blog, article etc. and posting it in full on the forum or embedding video or audio material from the site directly onto the forum.

9. Moderator issues: If you have any complaints about the way the board is moderated, we will be happy to address them. Simply send a private message addressing your concerns to all mods or just one if need be, and we will respond as soon as we can. However we would prefer to keep modding issues off the board, though we are happy enough to address general questions there. But for specific incidents, please PM us. We as a Moderator Group reserve the right to remove posts and threads that are pointless questioning of our decision making.

10. Bringing up posts that are more than 6 months old: Unless the thread contains the following topics - season/premiership predictions, match predictions or player predictions for the current season(or season just gone) - if any posts are brought up that are more than 6 months old and don't fit into the above topics than the new posts WILL be removed and the thread locked.

11. Reproduction of Articles in Full: The reproduction of articles in full on BigFooty has its own rule which as follows:

"The Official BigFooty Rule regarding the use of articles from newspaper websites is now that you have to use the following formula, otherwise we the Mod Group will edit it for you:

link to the article in question
Excerpt from the article no more than a paragraph
then another link to the article

No more, unless you have specific remarks about specific paragraphs or sentences in which case:

Your comment
Quote to the article
More comment

As of now, entire articles are not to be posted."

12. Rules Regarding Torrents and Streams - Links and Requests: You are NOT allowed to post a link to a torrent or a stream, nor request for a link to a torrent or stream either in a thread, post or via PM. If you post a link, it will be deleted. If you post a request for a link, it will be deleted. If you post a request for someone to PM a link to a torrent or stream, it will be deleted.
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