The Oxygen Brothers

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Dec 8, 2007
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We got so lucky with Gibbons, it makes you wonder why it took this long for him to get a chance!

What you see is what you get, and what you get is effort, effort, effort!

They all thought he was too short to make it.

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Mar 1, 2005
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Just for you Eskie.....

In my view we have two competitive advantages: our key position players.....and the Oxygen Brothers.

I’ve studied the running times of our boys preseason and compared them to those (available) of other clubs. We have a larger number of guys who can really gut run than other clubs. They are not electric quick, but they can just repeat run over and over again.

The offical Oxygen Brothers are:

- Ed Curnow (Captain)
- Michael Gibbons (Vice Captain because he knocked Ed off in a preseason run)
- Sam Walsh
- Lochie O’Brien

All four can run 2km in 6 mins. I don’t know of any other club who has a midfield capable of that running quality. Murph isn’t in the middle distance running class of the above but he gets an Honourable membership this year. His preseason was the best I’ve seen in years and he really does help our link up play with his hard running.

Cottrell btw will be a member if he can break into the side next year - he’s also a sub 6 min for 2km runner. Technically Charlie is as good a runner as the offical brothers but he doesn’t join link up play nor play mid so I never gave him a membership.

The Oxygen Brothers are why as games open up our link up play cuts teams open. They just can’t go with our guys.

Enjoy them as I do. I look for them to create chains especially in the second half. Throw a surgical Fisher (not a member but puts polish on their work) into their chain and it makes a mess of opposing backlines.

How does Murph and Daisy fair?

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Nov 13, 2015
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Getting some Kamdyn McIntosh vibes from Cottrell.

Reckon he'll quietly plug away in the VFL for a bit, then one day he'll get a chance to play senior footy and will go absolute ham on the GPS and make a few of his teammates nervous for their spots.
Agree, think he could be that small defender/attacking rebounder many have been yearning


Jun 4, 2006
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I like Kane Cornes.


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Aug 5, 2010
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I like Kane Cornes.

But I noticed his weird arse 'temple' from his home during the year and was going to share it....what's that about

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