Opinion The Port Adelaide CouldaBeens

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Oct 12, 2007
The Hills
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
A consensus team of reserves players for whom the BF hype never quite met reality (if only the coaches had given them a go).

I'll get it started and update the OP as we go along.

FF: Wade Thomson, John Butcher, Jarrod Redden
HF: Damon White, Nick Salter, Aaron Young
C: Marty afrederixj, Ben Newton, Mitch Banner
HB: Joel Garner, Jake Pasini,
Brendon Achee
FB: xxx, Logan Austin, xxx

Ruck: Sam Hayes, Adam Thomson, Joe Atley

Bench: Daniel Bass, Fabian Deluca, Kane Mitchell

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Ben Newton, Jarrad Irons, Wade Thompson, Marlon Motlop

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John Rombotis, Bowen Lockwood

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Ben Newton, Jarrad Irons, Wade Thompson, Marlon Motlop
Were Marlon and Jaryd every hypes though?

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Chad Wingard

Fishing GIF by Epicly Later'd
Wasn't he only ever hyped for his cricket ability?

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A bit like one of those hyped high schoolers in the States who plays 3/4/5 sports to a high level and receives a zillion scholarship offers from all the major colleges, was a super-athletic multi-sport phenom (footy, cricket, basketball), but just didn’t have the inherent talent to excel beyond juniors unforch.
Jarrod Leinert was a big one.

Personally thought he was a bit undersized and couldn’t take a contested mark if his life depended on it, but generally reliable when called upon without setting the world aflame.

Lots here thought he should’ve been a fixture, but.
Brad Symes

Billy 'More Premierships than Travis Boak, Robbie Grey and Justin Westhoff' Frampton

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