Training Training Reports 2019


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 21, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Its become a bit of a running gag. Scott said that if a player can buy a house out of playing footy then they've done alright. Think it was originally a "Sheedyism" from the '90's but there you go.
Before the final siren sounds, the last word must go to Brad:

“The reason I’m passionate about financial education is that I’ve seen too many players who struggle after retirement, when they should be a step ahead,” he says.

“The reality is that a lot of players don’t succeed in the AFL — but they can all succeed in life.”

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All Australian
Dec 27, 2011
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Dropped into training today. Can't say I was inspired by the goal kicking practice of our forwards.
Confirming as above that neither LDU nor Hall were on the track. I'm so disappointed that LDU has been ommitted.
Barring injury, I maintain that was a shocking match committee decision.

Wright and Hrovat were out there. So was Daw actually. They're really involving him which is great. McKay was out there just before the main training working on some basic touch skills.

Val Keating

Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 27, 2017
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Must have a niggle. Really hate the way afl clubs are so secretive about injuries. I wish it was like the NFL where they have to be completely open and advise on any injuries.
So Ahern is playing VFL today. I assumed he was injured because he wasn’t training. This only enforced my opinion that the clubs should be made to be more open regarding injuries. Hate the way the afl in general keep supporters in the dark about so many things. It’s OUR game ffs. They’re just the governing body.

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