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#freewelly #bringbackbojan
Feb 1, 2010
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Tottenham Hotspur
Bale to Spurs confirmed by agent.
Only said he wants to get there at this stage. We once lost Willian's signing whilst he was on our medical table. And lost time in the Dybala deal to a Maltese image rights company. Anything can happen when it gets a bit spursy

Most report 13m a year / 250k per week. Levy should be able to find a way to extract a few mil in revenue from the signing through sponsorship deals or shirt sales. Considering N'Dombele, Kane & Lloris are 200k a week this isn't so bad at all. Would give Harry a matched contract which might already be part of his terms iirc.

Marcel Proust

"Oohh WADA ooga booga" {Jul 11 2013}
Sep 6, 2018
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I should ask you the same question dude.

Once again - & I can't stipulate this point enough senor Pantskyle redacted - You were wrong & I was right....Dem be the facts.

I know that doesn't seem to count for much in your tribal little mind-set world on here, but it does in mine & many others.

Just because you mis-read the none-too-subtle details in Romano's tweets, don't go projecting your error onto others.

Own up to your mistakes & can the personal agenda sh*te.
So essentially you believe media reports - if you want them to be true. Say a winger.

Yet disregard them; the same or very similar reporters , if you don't want your team to get that bloke. Say a full back?

Sounds a bit childish mate
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The Cryptkeeper

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Oct 9, 2006
Left of centre.
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Super Tottenham....from the Lane.
I’m wrong that he’s a fraud?

Perhaps fraud was too hard. However, Most of his information is quoting other journalists. He’s basically a rich mans version of Jan Aage Fjörtoft. When a journalist gains a million twitter followers in 4 months, he’s dancing for somebody
Yes, you're wrong.

He's one of the best news-breakers in football.

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