Up the Arse! Goons Thread

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What a glorious time for the club. To be involved in the discussion for what this fixture list represents, holy s**t. Just a few years ago this seemed out of sight.

It may all amount to nothing, sure. Time will tell.

To be back there though, now with a (mostly) available squad to manage this workload, it’s ******* magnificent.
The improvement has come from the change in position. He is much more comfortable in the false 9 role. He was always the wrong choice to play in a three man midfield.

His skill set is fascinating. Such a unique footballer, can play as a left back for his national team (and score), whilst also being deployed as a midfielder and as a 9 for his club.

He’s one of those players that is always picked by his respective managers, he must exhibit the right behaviours and attitude etc that his managers love. He has their trust and it can be hard from the outside looking in to understand what we’re seeing.

I was always recalling that community shield match against City where he was the 9. Had a fantastic match and I’ve felt since that’s his most natural and effective position. He gives us an out ball and imposes himself very well, wins a number of duels too (which Mikel is a fan of as shown in the amazon documentary).

There’s a school of thought growing in me that between him, Jesus and Trossard, that’s a very nice group to select from as the false 9. And depending on the market this summer, perhaps that allows the club to go bigger on a wide forward with the requisite skills to step in on other flank for Martinelli or Saka.

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Outstanding result to wake up to. That was a proper dismantling.

Should’ve hit them for 6. Havertz brilliant again.

Our GD is hopefully going to prove decisive in this run in. Magnificent from Arsenal.

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I would like to flag a piece of play, in the 48th minute of the first half, deep in our own box, Brighton pressing, and through some Saliba composure and a sweet little sequence of passes, we broke like lightning - it was beautiful. Just beautiful.
Lovely result to wake up to. Brighton have definitely been a bogey side for us recently, so nice to get the W.

Only 0.58xG conceded. Our defensive numbers are crazy.

King Kai is on a madness right now. 5G 4A in his last 7 games. 60 million down the drain....
The end of daylight savings was always synonymous with “extra hour of sleep”, which becomes a thing of the past when you’ve had kids haha. So instead this morning I’ve been able to fully consume as much Arsenal content as possible, and have started the full replay again for the second time.

I feel like Havertz unbalanced our midfield when he played there.

But playing up top he's like a more mobile and technical Giroud, with his quality link up play and ability to hold the ball up.

Right now he's playing like an 8.5, and it really works with having two dangerous wingers that love to cut in, and of course with Ødegaard being able to shoot from outside the box.

Some damn impressive numbers. Usually you don’t associate Arsenal with these kind of stats that are being registered. So often Arsenal in the last decade or so have managed to implode in crucial moments, or Mustafi’d ourselves out of nowhere. There’s something so different now, a level of assuredness across the team.

They just don’t want to concede. Not even a soft late consolation goal that I’ve seen very often. That celebration from Gabriel’s block, the highlight for me. Glorious to see.

Bayern next up. Wednesday morning. They’re essentially done in the Bundesliga, so I’d imagine they’d be going hard at the CL.

Jorginho playing the 90 this morning perhaps indicates Arteta will share that position with him and Partey in the first leg. Something like 60/30 perhaps.

Havertz almost a lock for the 180 minutes+ across that tie as the 9. Jesus has an excellent CL record (some of the goals he missed this morning so some reason I’d be confident he buries in Europe).

Nelson was squeezed out of the matchday squad today with the strength of that bench. Some fantastic selection headaches/choices to make.

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