VFL VFL Round 14 v Swans - Saturday June 24th. 10:05am. @ AIA Centre

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I think you might be onto something regarding the running patterns. My impressions on Allan is that he looks completely lost and doesnt know how to find the footy when he plays outside on the wing. But when he is in the guts he finds the footy and looks a million dollars. Reckon Ive seen 3 games now where he has played wing and was pretty much anonymous..

I could say similar things on Draper. When played on a flank or wing, he doesnt know how to find the footy but can look impressive in the middle
At 20, I would suggest they are still learning the game. All part of their education.

They’ll want to be up and running over the next two years when retirements bring about opportunities.

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We've played 34 this year which is right on the AFL average, so I'm not sure what the chatter is about.

There was a suggestion that we need to lock down our "30" we want to take into a finals campaign.
He was an inside midfielder before his growth spurt. I've watched countless times when he's on his own screaming for the ball on wing and gets ignored.
Begg did it to him a few weeks back and then kicked the ball on the full.

Better players around him and he will shine.
He needs to shine a bit more to get the opportunity to have better players around him.
He's forever stuck in a loop. He needs to shine to have better players around him, but he needs better players around him to shine.


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About the same height as Howe. Just needs to add some high flying marking to his vocab lol

While I doubt we’ll ever see another Howe, I think Ryan’s got the overhead and pack marking in him. My only concerns with him to date are his disposal, lack of a left foot, and his decision making. None of them are deal breaker bad, just something he needs to continue working on.
I actually think a few players are better in the AFL than VFL. For example, Harvey Harrison. Pace of AFL suits him better.
Someone like Harvey performs at a similar standard in both, because what he does holds up in the AFL, but he's not better in the AFL. You'd view the 10 possession 1 goal games that he's produced in the AFL as quiet if he played them in the VFL.

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