VFL VFL round 10 v North Melbourne. Sunday May 29 11:05am @ AIA Centre

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Will Kelly shit himself and dropped the easiest of marks. Shizen

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Has always been his problem. Why they then played him as a ruck forward is beyond me

The only position he might make it in is full back… where he can use his athleticism and contested strengths to spoil
I would delist rather than persist with him.
Kicked two goals but some awful play as well.
Bianco is Meh, Kelly needs to be delisted. Ruscoe ok but also nothing special.
Steene looks real good for his size and age.
Ryan, Harrison and Draper looked average.
I missed the first half and not sure of their disposal count.
Not too much we can take out of that. As others have highlighted, our structure forward of the footy was really bad and none of our players were as clean as the likes of Thomas and Cunnington. Hardly a surprise that those 2 stood out in those conditions.

Of our senior players, only Macrae, Carmichael and Draper put their hands up for senior selection for mine. Murley had a few moments. Like the development of Begg in the ruck. I think with he and Steene we have very good ruck players developing.

Good first up effort for Eyre. Well worth persisting with.
Made a couple of awful decisions.
Edward on his own screaming for the ball. Begg ignored him and put it out on the full.
Edward got the ball out of packs twice in that 3rdQ and has a beautiful long kick.
Not a single Pie is standing out though. North looking the much better side.
'Edward' is another one of your 'Sier's'!

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