We own the Tiger Train and no ticket for you - 2019 edition.

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Oprah From Tigerland

Club Legend
May 1, 2018
AFL Club
The little old lady down my street who still smiles and asks how the Tiges are going after every loss.

No ticket for you, campaigner.
We’ll organise to compulsorily acquire her home for the cross city rail link for the tiggy express. Repatriate her to Mildura where she can live out her twilight years watching her ‘dons’ get belted and playing the pokies. 👍🏻


Senior List
Sep 25, 2017
AFL Club
I am putting my hand up to work on that train - at the back carriage where I get to chop off the fingers of those trying to board our train as it pulls out of the station. Don't need pretenders weighing us down.

Luke Darcy is a definite NO from me. He is a self centred, dopey piece of s**t. Put Eddie fat boy McChins in that basket too.

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