Welcome Welcome Pat Voss - 2024 Season SSP Signing

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With Collingwood picking up 3 SSPs, it seems this is going to be more common. I think it makes sense. Cheap, more experienced depth to round out your list means more money to spend on the big guns

Also get a bit of a "try before you buy" arrangement and lets you pick the best prospect out of a group if you leave a spot open

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How tall and heavy is he?

Edit: Welcome Vossy! How tall and heavy are you?

194cm 96kg allegedly.

Treacy is listed at 195cm 92kg - dropped weight from the listing last season.

Johnson went up a cm and 6kg from last year as an interesting other mention. Serong went up too, as did Brayshaw but Wagner went down.
He was the only player out of the ssp’s the club has followed on socials and have done for at least 2-3 weeks. He was signed before his intra club performances.
Nothing from the club directly yet.

Not doubting we’ve signed Voss one bit but earlier today afl.com.any ran a story that Collingwood had signed an SSP player to their list - not too much later it’s announced that it’s actually three SSP players.

In all likelihood it’s just Voss but until I see something from the club I’m not sure I want to assume the others are not being considered anymore.
I'm happy with this signing. A lot of Bombers fans were disappointed with his delisting, considering he was projecting well for a key position player. A 19/20 year old key forward winning the b&f in a team that struggled is impressive.

And it doesn't appear as if attitude was a problem, if he's been training with us since November. At worst he's playing for Peel and keeping Treacy and Tabs accountable, and it looks like he's a good size to be competitive in the AFL (doing well in our intra club matches too).

It's as good as we're going to get in terms of a SSP or mid year draft recruit. We need depth in our forward line.

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