Welcome Welcome Oscar McDonald [DFA Signing 2023]

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I believe Oscar may have done his ACL.

Poor fella, it’s his bday today
Is this your inside knowledge or speculation?

Not being snarky, just genuinely interested in knowing if he’s out for an extended period as he was looking pretty good.
I saw some family/friends postings on twitter / X saying along the lines of "Mate Happy Bday, I heard about the ACL, sucks"

But those sources are not reliable.

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Gotta love it!

She seems to have embraced the place despite the rocky start.

O Mac is signed for another year so hopefully the guy gets a better run at it next year.

He looked pretty good in the preseason and offer great depth to the team.
it's good we are in a position where he can really sort out his injury and we don't have to rush him back

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