Toast Welcome to Freo Odin Jones (Pick 5 in 2023 Rookie Draft)

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I'm a bit late to the Odin party, but I can see why we drafted him -- welcome aboard son!

Myself I see Odin more of a deeper key forward -- he seems a more natural replacement for Tabs than Treacy does. Tabs is a trooper and I love him for it, but his body has let him down a bit as he's aged. Plus while he has always had endurance running to burn, he's not exactly nimble or fast on the burst.

Tracey however has both endurance and speed, and doesn't exactly shirk the contest. Having Odin stay forward and deep would allow Jackson to stay more in the midfield or be free to really roam everywhere, while Treacy could push up the ground more and be an enforces / bigger body specialist around the center square and forward of the F50. Tracey also has a wonderful knack of bringing the players around him into the play more. While he hasn't kicked a bag yet, he excels at creating space and opportunity for team-mates in his vicinity, and he refuses to allow easy possessions by the opposition. Given our need for bigger bodies in and around the midfield, I see players like Tracey taking over Tabs defensive outlet role, while players like Odin will fill Tab's stay-at-home / contested marking duties (leaving Amiss free to weave his forward magic wherever he likes! 😎)

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As a user reported, he was measured at 197cm but his old man said he has grown more. Could be a beast if he gets to 200 cm. He is pretty agile for his size but a work in project. If we delist Kuek end of 2024 he will become the main project forward player for us. Does anyone know how quick he is?
I did a quick google search. This is the best I came up with. Hope it helps;

While Odin is not solely a god of speed, he is known for his swiftness and agility, as well as his ability to travel quickly between the realms.
But how good is he in the contest?
He is listed as concussion and TBA on the injury list. That was also a few weeks ago. Anyone know how and when it happened. Keen to see him at Peel.

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