Welcome Welcome Oscar McDonald [DFA Signing 2023]

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In all seriousness, if we want Chapman to play on a wing OMcDonald will be competing with Hughes for the third tall role, he could play a lot more than we think.
Edit: he’d actually play 2nd tall and allow Cox to play the interception role Young was playing, that Chapman would play if he doesn’t move to the wing.

I would imagine and hope that he sees and they’ve sold the genuine idea of best 22 spot up for grabs.

As much as he probably just wishes to be on a list, I’d have thought someone else would e shown interest.

For him to come to Perth means to me he’s going to fight for a spot. If nothing else, that’s good.
Someone like a Tyler Keitel would be a good pickup for us
Nice idea but I'd prefer Harvey Keitel myself, I've always said we need a Winston Wolfe type to clean up our messes...

"I'm not here to say please, I'm here to tell you what to do and if self-preservation is an instinct you possess you'd better fssssg do it and do it quick. I'm here to help - if my help's not appreciated then lotsa luck, gentlemen."​

And Funbeanman as others have said don't worry about the range of reactions you'll get on here, just keep posting, your views are always welcome. As long as you don't support us hiring Nesbitt, Sumich or Colon Young.
How hilarious. I follow Bridget Hustwaite on Insta cause saw her on The Cheap Seats and thought she had a cute personality and smile (i.e. typical reason for following most people on Insta). Anyway, she got a BF recently who was a footballer in the state leagues, didn't take much notice :( . Just opened Insta and noticed that that same BF is now our very own OMac and I can now legit follow him too (he loves to post). I know I'm now more excited about this signing! We included a safe level of Pearce/Cox depth on field + upped our WAG depth off field...


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The Vic girlfriend who is happy to move over and doesn't treat perth as if she is moving to the moon. How rare lol.
Honestly, that's pretty incredible from her. Seems like a risky career move if she was starting to get on TV a bit but maybe she genuinely prefers radio
Dees supporter, sorry to intrude. Handy pickup, very happy for Oscar. He has good football smarts, reads the ball well in the air and is a useful kick for a KP player. Also a good bloke and teammate. Has his limitations (mainly speed), but can run all day.

For the last few years his career has been cruelled by injuries which as much as anything have stopped him having any continuity. If he can get a decent run at it and his body holds up he could definitely play a role.

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