2019 Australia vs Pakistan - 1st T20I @ SCG MATCH ABANDONED

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May 10, 2009
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If you don't piss fart around with 20 mins in between innings then the game would already be decided, of course with the hope of returning and finishing it properly.

Cricket's inflexibility is really annoying.
I thought the innings break was shorter in T20s anyway? 20 minutes seems way too long even if it’s a full game.

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Teen Wolf

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Jul 5, 2011
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The other thing they could do on days like this is start off with a 5-overs-per-side game. If they get through the full ten and it's still not raining, then the first batting team goes back out and completes their innings etc. Would've at least produced a result today, even with all the counterproductive regulations working against it.


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Nov 28, 2004
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The ICC playing conditions give the match referee - in this case Javagal Srinath - the discretion to reduce the interval to 10 minutes but that was not exercised.

Clause 11.4.2 of the playing conditions states: "... following a lengthy delay or interruption prior to the completion of the innings of the team batting first, the Match Referee may, at his discretion, reduce the interval between innings from 20 minutes to not less than 10 minutes."
bloody Srinath!

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