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2019 season

Discussion in 'GWS Giants' started by fridgeman, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. fridgeman

    fridgeman Club Legend

    Jan 14
    Still a long way to the start but my thoughts are with the list changes this year it will be a different feel to the club next year as a team trying to make the 8 instead of certainties for the top 4
    A couple of things that need to happen
    Fit list not season ending injuries to keep players
    I want to say that Greene and Cameron need to earn their salary next year and anything less than 50-60 goals for each and they will owe the club big times both had disappointing years
    Sign all the OOC players in the first half of the year (Coniglio + Kelly in pre season)
    I am sure others have thoughts on these matters but players need to earn their salary or else the club will end up like the Dockers (No offence simmofreo)
    Nail the draft picks and they hopefully are ready to go players
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  2. Isaac Cumming No 1

    Isaac Cumming No 1 Premium Platinum

    Mar 18
    I have a good feeling about next year, actually more confident than the last couple of years. I think we're at a low point but people exaggerate the short term, and better news will come from the draft and the re-signings through the year.

    I'm not a big gambler and make it a rule never to bet on my team, because I dont want to be cold about the team I support.

    The $12 for the flag sports bet are offerring is tempting though. We're $2.40 to make the top 4, and were $5 early in the off-season last year. The bookies aren't everything but it is a cold analysis of our prospects.

    I wouldn't jump on players that injured doing their jobs, so I hope Jezza and Toby achieve the targets you set. I wont call it a fail if it's circumstances beyond their control.
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  3. Danny88

    Danny88 Club Legend

    Mar 14
    Although I’m frustrated, if we have a run on injuries like Richmond has had the nucleus is still good and we can still contend
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  4. kulak

    kulak Club Legend

    May 06
    Other Teams:
    If this team could actually have an injury free run, then top 4 is the minimum.

    Having Kelly, Greene and Williams fit all year would more than offset the departures.

    Top class players in every role!

    Very good young players coming through in support.

    Looking forward to next year!
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