AFL 2020 - AFL Round 14 (no aftertiming allowed)

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Aug 29, 2020
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
My best for tomorrow:

Dixon more goals than Papley $1.95 (Lads)
Poor old Paps spending time in the mids with CBAs significantly increased last 2 rounds. Not sure what Sydney back Dixon gets as there isn’t really a likely match-up, maybe Aliir. Either way I think he walks this in!!

Riccardi 2+, 3+ $5 and $18 (Sbet). Managed 2.1 vs stronger team at same venue last week and looked most lively forward. Freo best “points against” team in the comp and I doubt it’s going to be a smash up job but $5,$18 looks tasty. Most goals at $18 looks decent too!!
Last few weeks just been following this thread, some great winners here!

Just had to say thanks and owe ya a beer, I only chucked the $5 on at $51 for the 4+ but thanks for the great write up to convince me! :)

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Club Legend
Aug 3, 2014
AFL Club
Yeah, I think I'm in love with Riccardi now. A nice 1k in my account.
just came in from mowing the lawn and found my sb account looking much healthier... never earnt so much from mowing the lawn before..
So just need to say Thanks to you Atavastic and Geeves Train i think it was for pointing out Riccardi and daniels. :thumbsupemoji: credit given where credits due.

havent got much on this next game yet, looking for tips.
just 2u on saints line @2 lads atm


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Oct 6, 2011
Auckland, New Zealand
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Patriots, Perth Glory, Wildcats
I think based on current and season form, if your looking to back GWS players for goals the order is: Jeremy Cameron, Himmelberg, Riccardi, Toby Greene, Bobby Hill, Daniel..........thats the pecking order.

Althought I can't be backing Riccardi next week for 2+ goals at anything less than $3.00


Premiership Player
Nov 17, 2016
AFL Club
King AGS, Melksham AGS & Battle AGS $4.03 NEDS
King 2+, Butler AGS, Membrey AGS $5.54 NEDS
Marshall AGS, Hind AGS & Brown AGS $5.65 NEDS
Petracca AGS, Pickett AGS & Membrey AGS $4.90 NEDS
King 2+, Membrey 2+ & St Kilda H2H $12.65 NEDS

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