Prediction 2022 Copeland Trophy

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1. Crisp
2. De Goey
3. Nick Daicos
4. Pendles
5. Josh Daicos
6. Moore

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1. Crisp
2. Nick Daicos
3. De Goey
4. Pendlebury
5. Moore
6. Josh Daicos
7. Ginnivan
8. Maynard
9. Sidebottom
10. Cameron
J Daicos
N Daicos

Whatever happens. The club needs to pump the brakes a little on N Daicos. I don’t want to see him in the top 2. No matter how well his season went this year.

First you’ve got to get along. Then you get to play along.

His time will come.

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1. Maynard
2. Crisp
3. N. Daicos
4. Moore
5. Pendles
6. DeGoey

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J Crisp
J Daicos
B Maynard
N Daicos
S Pendlebury
D Moore
J De Goey
P Lipinski
J Howe
J Noble / S Sidebottom / D Cameron

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On the CollingwoodFC website, there is a live stream from 7pm. It doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment. Is anyone else having issues?
It doesn’t appear to have started yet although some music just kicked in.

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