Delisted #47: Henry Crauford - Not offered a contract for 2021 (confirmed)

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Jul 25, 2007
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All rucks fit means a scramble for ruck minutes in the VFL or one could even play suburban footy. If all the three young rucks progress then one will be grabbed by another club.

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Jan 11, 2007
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He's the one to have a look at at both ends because of this speed and agility.

I'm actually really liking the look of these 3 young ruckmen. It could be a real strong point for the list
And a team like Carlton could come knocking if Pittonet doesn't work out, or Geelong, hell even the Dogs i English goes home.

Zach Package

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Sep 21, 2012
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All rucks fit means a scramble for ruck minutes in the VFL or one could even play suburban footy. If all the three young rucks progress then one will be grabbed by another club.
Think it’s a good time to work on some poxy under the table arrangement with the stand alone clubs to rent one out to them like the Saints did with Frankston last year.


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Oct 18, 2008
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THE mature-aged ruck from Norwood is a player who has the physicality – but not quite the athleticism and endurance – to come straight into an AFL system, with his contested marking ability, strength and work around the ground among his best traits. He manages to find plenty of the ball despite not having a high endurance base, following up well for his size to average 4.9 clearances and 3.6 tackles among 15.9 disposals this season. It is no surprise though that a player of his size lacks athleticism across the board, with his effort making up for that gap. The 22-year-old continued his development in the SANFL Reserves this year across 19 games, taking out the Redlegs’ best and fairest at said level for his consistent season. His 18 disposals, seven clearances, six tackles and 47 hitouts against South Adelaide was the peak, and an insight into his potential to dominate. Overall, a mature-age ruck option for clubs with a few years under his belt and the confidence to impact games beyond the ruck battle.
STRENGTHS: Contested marking, strength, accumulation, ruck work
IMPROVEMENTS: Athleticism, endurance
I think Raz played for Norwood, probably before Crauford's time.


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Dec 14, 2015
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204cm, 99kg and wearing number 47, also according to the season guide that the club just sent out.

Not sure if we had his birthday before but it's listed as 7/10/1997

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Sep 29, 2016
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1997 so for the most part a full grown lump of a human :p
Yup, being in an AFL environment may be able to push him up to 102-103kg (he looks a bit skinny in the footage) but otherwise he is rather large as it is.


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May 5, 2009
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This guy is capable of some high quality athletic feats for a man of his size. Not just 204cm+ but also with a huge frame.

He looks like he's moving in perpetual slow motion which I think creates the impression he is slower than he is but those strides are giant strides. You then replay the passage of play, and it's like "yep, he really was steaming in, ran past an oppoent, marked the ball and shaped to kick, baulked, ran around an opponent and kicked a goal from 40 out in one fluent motion".

He had a few similar moments like that in his clips from his games last year. I'd bet he'll get a lot more powerful/dynamic as he adds muscle to his frame.

The way he moves reminds me a lot of Paul Salmon, when Fish was moving well.

I'd hate to lose this guy to list reductions without at least being able to see him play live. He looks to have "it". That's got to be worth a few years as a project, at a minimum.
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Jun 11, 2007
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stood out in that scratch match footage.

1st "game" according to the website. the agility and ability to get the ball below his knees was impressive.

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