Alan Jones accused of multiple sexual assaults

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Police investigated an allegation that Alan Jones indecently assaulted a schoolboy at the broadcaster’s sprawling Southern Highlands estate, directly contradicting a claim by the NSW police commissioner that no complaints have been received.

This has been documented and confirmed by NSW Police officers who undertook the investigation.

On Friday, NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb told reporters that no complaints had been received about Jones. “I’m informed at this stage no one has made a complaint to police, but of course if they do, we will take that investigation and fully investigate that matter,” she said.

However, the Herald and The Age can reveal that in November 2017, two specialist detectives met schoolboy Neil Ogden (not his real name) and his principal at his high school in Wollongong, south of Sydney.

The detectives later came to Ogden’s house, where he provided a statement alleging he had just turned 17 when he was invited to spend a weekend at Jones’ Fitzroy Falls property in January 2017.

At the time, Jones was the top-rating broadcaster on Sydney’s radio 2GB and had taken an interest in and was financially assisting Ogden and his mother as they battled numerous difficulties, including the death of Ogden’s sister, which was the subject of some publicity.

Ogden alleges he and Jones, who was 75 at the time, watched a movie at the luxurious rural property before Jones passionately kissed him on the lips and placed his left hand on Ogden’s buttocks. Ogden initially froze, then pushed Jones away. He said he didn’t make a scene because of anxiety that Jones might withdraw support for his family if he complained.

The mother and son recalled this week that police told them Jones would hire a formidable legal team, and it would be the word of a schoolboy against one of the most powerful people in the country. Jones was not “Joe Blow from Bunnings”, Jenny Ogden recalled an officer saying.

The detective also said that because Jones was such a high-profile person, “head office wanted a briefing straight away”. In the end, Neil Ogden decided that he didn’t want to pursue the matter. The police respected his decision, said the officer.


The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have received new allegations of indecent assaults following revelations published last week that These are currently being investigated.

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I can't seem to find any article that outlines his misdeeds that's not behind a paywall.

Does anyone have access or can outline the allegations here?

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Hopefully the walls are crumbling around Jones and he's finally held accountable and the sycophantic, hypocritical vermin in politics and the media who have fed off and shielded him all these years can eat shit.
Hopefully the walls are crumbling around Jones and he's finally held accountable and the sycophantic, hypocritical vermin in politics and the media who have fed off and shielded him all these years can eat s**t.
He will fall off the perch soon enough and Abbott, Dutton, Howard, Credlin and co will be at the funeral saying how he was a great person.
Threatening defamation is a fair step from going ahead. Not sure Jones would welcome being cross examined where he can't dictate proceedings
Based on the last 3 that I can recall, Porter, BRS & Lehrmann it would make great theatre, I disagree that Jones wouldn’t welcome it, like the others he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else d would love the chance to act out in front of an audience

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A Sydney Morning Herald investigation into a string of alleged indecent assaults by Alan Jones has prompted a series of new claims about how the broadcaster abused his power, including that he put his hand down a schoolboy’s shorts and that he presided over compulsory nude massage sessions for football players.

Musician and writer Scott Walker has alleged Jones put his hand down his athletic shorts while Jones was his teacher at The King’s School in Sydney. Former Balmain rugby league player Shane O’Grady has also claimed Jones presided over compulsory naked massage sessions while coaching a first-grade rugby league team. Jones denies the latest allegations of inappropriate conduct.

“So you get out of the shower and you have to sit on his bed and that’s when he’d do the usual spiel of, ‘Oh Scotty, you know how much you mean to me. You could be an Olympic runner. You just have to listen to me. You’ve got to stop this nonsense, spending so much time with women. They just want to be f---ed and have babies.’”

Jones would often drive Walker home in his orange Renault. Walker alleges there were times when his teacher would pull over in a deserted car park and would “moon up at you … ‘You do know how much you mean to me’.”

A reminder Jones still insists the allegations are false.
Also in that story:

By the time he was 17, Walker was tired of how he was being treated and had a “huge showdown with Jones”, who he alleges retaliated by giving the gifted English student zero out of 50 in one of his final exams. Jones claimed at the time it was because the student’s handwriting was illegible.

But Jones’ alleged act of petty vindictiveness meant Walker didn’t receive the prestigious King’s Prize for English – a feat both his older brothers had achieved. Walker later came second in the state for English.

“It was the classic abuse of power,” said Walker, who described the malice behind Jones’ alleged vindictiveness as “quite extraordinary”.

Classic child abuse grooming behaviour - praise and punishment.

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