Grand Slam Australian Open - Womens Final

Brady or Osaka

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 18, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Great win by Osaka, far too good. I don't really buy the whole innocent and nice girl schtick but that doesn't matter, she plays great tennis.

Listening to her talk about the Olympics it reminded me why the Japanese Government are pushing so hard for it. Obviously financially important but it would be huge for her to win that in Japan. I am sure they have plenty of other Athletes in their prime.

The Mixed Final was a dud game, thankfully the men's doubles is now played on the Sunday but they should play the mixed in the afternoon. With all the presentations and interviews it would stretch out late enough for TV.


Hall of Famer
Jan 15, 2012
AFL Club
Anyone notice Osaka has bulked-up a bit. She looked to me a little Serena-like. And I'm not suggesting anything untoward.

Love Ash, but Osaka should be No 1.
Yes Osaka is a bit bigger this year.

I have not followed the ratings the past year because of the interrupted season. I'm surprised barty is still no1, she hardly played last year

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