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Nov 13, 2015
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Kicking this one off nice and early. Some early contenders for the 1st round next year (rough order).

1 Noah Anderson
2 Brodie Kemp
3 Dylan Williams
4 Thomas Green
5 Hayden Young
6 Sam Flanders
7 Jeremy Sharp
8 Luke Jackson
9 Mitch O'Neill
10 Will Gould
11 Lachlan Potter
12 Caleb Serong
13 Matthew Rowell
14 Cooper Stephens
15 Cameron Taheny
16 Lachlan Ash
17 Emerson Jeka
18 Dylan Stephens


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Oct 15, 2008
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Have a little catching up to do and from the players that I noticed this year;

O'Neill appealed to me a lot more than Chayce Jones who got drafted @ #9
Sharp looks to be someone that would suit us to a tee.
Gould looked a little to man-child which is unfair but we'll see.
Rowell is a terrier but not sure he'll end up as high up the draft as some are suggesting right now.

BTW: Great early thread Arr0w . Just the way it should be.

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May 22, 2011
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Three underage players (2019 draft eligible) made All-Australian this year (all named on the bench).

Mitch O'Neill (Allies)
Will Gould (South Australia)
Jeremy Sharp (Western Australia)
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Sep 26, 2004
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Very early but at this stage I'm thinking I'd like to see us trade Adelaide's first for a mature player, whilst using our 2020 1st to get back into this draft.

He may not have come on as hoped, but someone like Billings would be a great get for Adelaide's first pick.

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Sep 18, 2018
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Given we have Adelaide's first rounder, hopefully one of the following will be around the mark:
  • Sam Flanders
  • Cooper Stephens
  • Caleb Serong
  • Hayden Young
I'm assuming Noah Anderson will already be off the board.

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Sep 18, 2018
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Young would be a steal outside the top 10
Hopefully we end up with a pick between 8-10. Need a few results to go our way but you never know.

If recruiters view young as more of a half back than a midfielder, he could slide like Bailey Smith.

We'll know a lot more as the 2019 season progresses.

Red Bull

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Aug 29, 2010
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Every chance to trade the adelaide 1st rounder we hold for ready to go talent.
The persuit of Shiel showed the club think the time is right to bring in developed talent.
We could do with a clever small forward , i note Billings isnt interested in re signing with the saints and the crows pick might be around the required mark for him if interested ...

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Feb 1, 2015
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Jeremy Sharp 186cm 72kg, 13/8/2001, East Fremantle

I was somewhat surprised to see Sharp is only 186cm tall after I'd seen him live as he looked to be approaching the 190cm mark when I watched him live. Then again, apart from Foley, the WA midfield contingent wasn't exactly over-endowed with height this carnival. He also looked to be heavier than his listed 72kg as well. The thing that really stands out with Sharp is how clean he is when handling the ball. Whether it's acquisition, disposal or even bouncing the ball you always feel he's in control and it won't get away from him. While his disposal by foot is very good when taking a short option, I can't recall too many times where he really sunk his slipper into the ball, so I can't comment on his kicking over longer distances. Pace is OK without being anything remarkable, but he does have a nice burst of acceleration when combined with some wonderful agility that buys him adequate time.


At this stage Sharp is strictly an outside player that requires others to find the ball for him and the contested side of his game is something he'll need to work on. Having said that, like Simpson, he keeps himself close enough to the contest his team mates can make regular use of him. The defensive side of his game is an area that is lacking and tackling wasn't something that he often engaged in. While Sharp has a knack for getting into usable space he often lost tabs on where his opponent was got hurt when the ball went back the other way.

Sharp had an excellent U18 Carnival as an under-ager and it'll be interesting to see how this kid's game develops over the next 12 months. He already has a nice endurance base, covers a lot of ground, makes good decisions, rarely looks rushed and if he can grow his game in those areas that require improvement he'll end up an excellent player.

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Jun 28, 2009
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There's something about Billings that seems to be amiss slightly. Maybe it's just an unhappy marriage of player & team.

It is clear without being certain that the Adelaide first will go out the door for a player.
I don't see us coming back into the draft using our 2020 pick either, unless it was on draft night although if the right player was available where we'd need to use the 2019 & 2020 1sts, I can see us doing it. Would have to be a pretty good player though.
Billings would be a handy acquisition across HF, at the right price.

I reckon Tim Taranto could be one re: 1st rounders in play as a target for next off-season. Jack Martin from GCFC as well.

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